Why Wear a Tri-blend Sports T-Shirt?

Activewear is something that sports enthusiasts are very conscious about. Because activewear affects their performance drastically, that’s why athletes pay attention to minute details when choosing activewear.

When it comes to choosing a sports t-shirt, what matters the most is fabric. Pure cotton fabric may shrink easily, and a pure polyester t-shirt will not be comfortable to wear all day. Thus, manufacturers have come up with a solution for tri-blend t-shirts. What are tri-blend t-shirts, and how can they fulfill your activewear demands? We will figure out everything in this guide, but before that, let’s understand the top qualities that activewear must have.

Top qualities to look for in an activewear

  • Breathability

Activewear must be breathable. Athletes sweat a lot the whole day; they have to perform several exercises or remain on the field most of the time. The consequences of sweat are itching, allergies, and various other health issues. However, if the fabric is breathable, it will absorb excess sweat and delay bacterial development.

  • Stretchable

Stretchable fabric allows for performing a range of motion. Athletes have to stretch their bodies in multiple directions. For instance, the baller has to rotate their hand to throw a ball. They also have to swing their hands to perform various exercises. If they feel tightness in the fabric, it will hinder their physical activities.

  • Water-resistant

What does it mean for a fabric to be water-resistant? A cotton blend sports shirt can keep you cool. It can absorb excess water that your body produces while performing the exercise. In a cotton-blend sports t-shirt, water can evaporate quickly. Activewear must be water-resistant because performing exercises with a wet body are disturbing.

  • Flexible

Flexibility is the most important feature that an activewear must-have. Activewear impacts an athlete’s performance. People usually wear tight clothes while performing exercises; however, tight clothes can produce compression on your body. Instead of tight clothes, you can look for flexible clothes that allow you to perform a range of motion.

Now, you know the requirements of activewear for athletes. It’s time to discuss fabric choices that you can look for.

Fabric that works in sportswear

  • Polyester

Polyester is one of the most commonly used fabrics in activewear. It is a durable fiber, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and requires low maintenance.

Activewear with a polyester blend is a pretty good choice for athletes. In fact, you can find 50% polyester in a sports t-shirt.

Sports lovers stay most of the time outdoors, and their apparel may attract mud, dust, and stains. However, stain-resistant quality polyester doesn’t allow stains to sit.

Another benefit of the polyester garment is durability, as stated above. Every sports lover wants durable clothes because changing a sports t-shirt every other week is not a feasible option.

  • Cotton

Cotton is commonly used in the manufacturing of sports t-shirts due to its famous sweat-resistant quality. Athletes have to perform under the sun the whole day. Therefore, to maintain their body temperature, they should wear clothes that can help them remain cool. Cotton is a great fabric for producing cooling effects. That’s why it is blended with other fabrics for making activewear.

Why wear tri-blend t-shirts?

Tri-blend t-shirts are made with a blend of three types of fabric-cotton, polyester, and rayon. Manufacturers practice this strategy to produce activewear that can accommodate qualities of all fabric types, such as flexibility, stretchability. And comfort and breathability factor of cotton. Hence, you can buy a playmaker tri-blend athletic gray t-Shirt to have perfect activewear. The tri-blend activewear has 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and the rest is rayon. Such type of activewear holds the goodness of all kinds of activewear.

These t-shirts are perfect for activewear as well as casual wear. For instance, if you are looking for something casual for traveling, you can buy a playmaker athletic gray t-shirt online. There are twin benefits of wearing this t-shirt- comfort and styling.


One of the benefits of buying a playmaker t-shirt is that you can easily pair it with your wardrobe clothes. In fact, you can give a twist to your look with playmaker headwear because these are cool, stylish, and complement your every outfit. Hence, buy playmaker headwear online from a reputed source.

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