Why Premium Frozen Fish & Seafood is a better alternative to fresh?

Fish and seafood are consumed worldwide due to their incredible health content, such as valuable proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, and whatnot. When a fish is handled well and frozen correctly, the freshness is locked in, and the bacterial and enzymatic attacks that cause spoilage are eliminated.

How are fish frozen?

Frozen-at-sea or FAS fishes are flash frozen. It is a natural preservation process in which seafood is laid on the horizontal plates that instantly bring the temperature down to -33 degrees C. This rapid freezing at ultra-low temperatures prevents the formation of ice crystals responsible for damaging the cell walls and resulting in a fibrous product when cooked and fluid loss when the fish is thawed.

Immediately after freezing on the freezer plates, the seafood is dipped in the water to create a protective ice coating on the fish. Introducing this ice coating as a protective layer on the fish further reduces moisture loss. It also slows the rate at which fish oils and fats oxidize and produce an undesirable taste, color, and odor.

A properly flash-frozen fish will have firm, bright, and elastic flesh with the delicious flavor and nutritional value of a fish just caught. Due to this reason, most people these days consider buying Premium Frozen Fish & Seafood in Toronto. And why not? Frozen seafood is convenient, healthy, tasty, and has a longer shelf life, allowing you to store it in your freezer for up to 3 days.

Fun Fact: American entrepreneur, naturalist, and inventor Clarance Birdseye originally created the technology to freeze fish. Therefore, he is also considered the “father of the modern frozen seafood industry.”

Premium Frozen Fish & Seafood can be enjoyed in any month of the year.

Freezing also extends the season for a particular fish. For instance, when you are craving a fish available only in summer-like salmon or cod, that delicious treat will be available to you even if it’s winter right now, thanks to the freezing technique. Moreover, nothing beats Premium Frozen Fish & Seafood when it comes to convenience. You can use the amount you need and store the rest, reducing food waste.

Food waste is especially a concern for businesses like restaurants. If you are a seafood restaurant and looking for Fresh Salmon for Sushi Restaurants in Toronto or anywhere, it’s best to go with a frozen one. Fresh fish may not be as fresh as we think. When traveling long distances, the best way to ensure freshness is to freeze the product. Unless you live near a coast, accessing fully fresh seafood is possible only through buying frozen fish.

Additional tip

For best results, before cooking your Premium Frozen Fish & Seafood, thaw it on the refrigerator overnight by removing your fish from its packaging or making a slit in the packaging. When you are in a hurry and don’t have time to leave it overnight, put it in a zip-top bag and place it under the running cold water.

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