Why Is Rereading Considered A Good Approach?

Does your kid read the book over and over again? If yes, keep your kid allowed to continue with this habit. Rereading is very beneficial for children in many ways. This short guide is created to highlight all the key reasons why rereading the kangaroo tree books for kids in Greater Toronto or any other good book is a great approach.

Following are the reasons why rereading is important;

It increases vocabulary-

Since we are indulged in the story while reading the books for the first time, anyone is likely to overlook many words. However, when we reread, we tend to focus on other important things including vocabulary. Research shows that those who reread the books have a better vocabulary than those who don’t reread the books. Meanwhile, you can ask your kid to bring a notepad to write all new words they come across while rereading the books. Without writing down the new words on the notepad, a kid will not likely remember those new words for a longer time. Later, the kids can use that notepad to learn the meaning of those new words.

• Enhances comprehension skills-

Rereading gives a chance to develop a deep understanding of the plots, characters, locations, events, and character development, which may not happen while reading the book at once. Exploring the books again opens new layers that we missed while reading the book for the first time, This ultimately provides an opportunity to understand complex plots, twists, and events so that you can make your opinion and judgments. This way, the readers tend to enhance their comprehension skills.

• Fluency-

Rereading enhances your ability to recognize the words faster and easily, with accuracy, and expression. As the reader will always be aware of the basic plot of the book, they can focus on improving their fluency. The ability to read the books smoothly helps to understand the story better and also helps to motivate you to read other books easily and faster.

• Phonemic awareness-

Rereading helps the reader to understand the right pattern, pronunciation, and rhythm of the text. This deep understanding of phonemic awareness comprises identifying, manipulating, hearing, and manipulating separate sounds in words. In simple terms, the rereading helps to understand different word sounds and how they should be pronounced correctly.

• Build confidence-

Memorization is important to develop vocabulary, fluency, and accuracy with rereading. So, when we read, we always know the story, plots, vocab, words, and phrases used in the book. As a result, you don’t need someone to make them understand our particular words or phrases. Which ultimately boosts the reader’s confidence level. This increased confidence creates more interest and love for book reading.

The final words

Endless number of books are available from different genres including kangaroo tree books for kids in Greater Toronto. Try some good books and reread them until to avail of our given benefits to the kids.

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