Why is Honduran coffee loved across the world?

Honduras is the largest exporter of coffee in Central America, the third in Latin America, and the sixth largest exporter worldwide. It has emerged from the not so loved coffee base to becoming the most loved coffee worldwide. Coffee has become the most priced export of Honduras in the past few years due to its rich aroma and satisfying flavors.

There are mainly six regions in Honduras that make coffee. The flavor notes have nuance and are different from each other. Some taste dark and caramelly, while others are soft and fruity. The Honduran coffee flavors sometimes resemble apricot and chocolate.

Before you buy Honduran coffee, read below for a better understanding of coffee growing regions in Honduras to understand why they are unique.

6 regions of Honduran coffee: 6 reasons to love their coffee


The region is located in the western altitudes of the country near the Guatemalan borders. Its coffee is sweet with caramel notes to it. It has a delicious chocolaty flavor with hints of citrus too.


Opalaca is located in the east of Copan. The coffee here has a strong aroma and acidic taste. You can also find berry notes in it. It gives coffee drinkers the delicate taste of tropical fruits like grapes and berries.


This Honduran region is situated on the southern tip of the Honduran/Salvadoran border at an altitude of 1.6km. The region is cold, which supports the cherries to ripe quickly. This enhances the flavors of coffee in Montecillo. This region is the highest coffee producer in Honduras, with coffee that has a superior taste and quality in the market. The coffee brewed with Montecillo beans gives sweet, fruity flavors of orange and peach, paired with strong acidity with a smooth body.


Comayagua is hidden in the center of the country at an altitude of 1-1.5km. There isn’t much coffee variety as compared to other Honduran coffee regions. Coffee is harvested from December to March that develops a sweet citrus flavor combined with a bright level of acidity. In a cup, it has a creamy body and softness.


Agalta is the southwest region of Honduras with a hot and humid climate. Like Comayagua, coffee in Agalta is harvested only between December and March. Agalta coffee has diverse flavors of tropical fruits with scents of caramel and chocolate. It also serves as an excellent after dinner drink.

El Paraíso

El Paraiso coffee beans are grown at an elevation of 1.4km as it is located in the Southern area. This region has won awards recently for serving the world the greatest coffee. The Ruta del Café in El Paraíso serves the best Honduras coffee for sale to its tourists and local coffee drinkers. The café does this in combination with the other five Honduran coffee regions to give the farmers more opportunities. The coffee here has sweet hints of green apple, peaches, blueberries, and subtle jasmine.

Final take

Honduras’s geographical diversity and different climates add to the rich flavors and high quality of their coffee. Honduran regions are reaching for leadership in the coffee industry across the globe. They boast the high-quality work ethic of “manos hondureñas”, where they thank hundreds of their farmers who work hard to deliver the highest quality coffee.

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