What to Do If You Are Unhappy at Work

Unhappy at Work – Just because you have a certain job or work in a certain industry, this does not mean that you enjoy it. Then, if you want to move on from the bar industry or simply present yourself with new challenges within the workplace, here are some of the top steps that you should take if you are feeling discontented with your position, your career as a whole, or your workplace. 

Take an Online Degree

The first step that you should take if you are unhappy at work should be to look at the number of qualifications that you have and how you could apply them to a different job position, or how they could help you to get a promotion or to move on to a leadership position. If you do not have enough qualifications to achieve your dreams, it is not too late once you have left education. Instead, there are many qualifications that you can take at any stage of your life, even if you are long past college age. For both mature students and those who are already in the workplace, taking an online degree could be the best option for you, as this will allow you to carry on working within the bar industry while you work toward your personal goals and the career of your dreams, whatever this might be. For instance, you can take anything from a teaching degree to a master of public safety, which could help you take on more responsibility in the future and to build on the base of knowledge that you already have. By taking an online degree, you may then be able to move on and start to get a more challenging career that you are content with, or even simply to start working for a company that you feel passionate about. 

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Look for Another Job 

Although this might often be easier said than done, if you are unhappy at work, it is sometimes the best option to have a clean break and to decide to look for another job completely. This can be a difficult decision, especially if you rely on the income, but looking for another job can then allow you to find a position that you love and that you feel comfortable in without any of the issues that you are struggling with in your current workplace, whether this is a lack of progression or even disagreements with your manager or co-workers. This might even then allow you to progress your career by encouraging you to make a leap that you may otherwise have put off. 

To be successful in your job search, you should dedicate time each week to looking for a job. You should scour online job boards that are often flooded with different positions in every industry, and you should utilize your professional network to try to find a job within your field without having to look far and wide. You might also decide to contact businesses directly about the possibility of employment, with most companies stating their contact details on their website, sometimes at the bottom of the homepage. 

Speak to Your Manager

On other occasions, though, issues can be easily sorted out by speaking to your manager. It is often important to speak to your manager before giving up on your job entirely, especially if you feel that they are someone that you can trust. Workplaces will often have different policies and procedures that can help you, especially if the issue is one like bullying or discrimination, and this can then allow you to stay in your job and be content in the future. Then, you should consider asking your manager for a formal one-to-one where you can put your thoughts and feelings on record and where you can both work together to find a solution, such as setting goals that could allow you to work towards a promotion. Although it can be difficult to speak to your manager, by doing so, you will have tried all that you can to settle into your workplace, especially if the issue is not the role itself. 

Set Boundaries

Sometimes, the reason that you feel unhappy at work may be due to long hours, pressure from your boss, or the feeling that you can never truly switch off from work. Then, to prevent you from feeling burned out and stressed all the time, you should try to set boundaries, where possible, and see whether this might improve your situation. For instance, you might turn your phone off in the evenings, get a separate work phone, or state the hours in which you can be contacted. You might also decide to ask your boss whether it might be possible to go part-time or to shorten your hours, which might help you to reduce the sense of pressure on you and allow you to focus and work well during the hours that you are at work. 

Get a New Career

However, it might be that it is not your job that is causing the issues but your career as a whole. Therefore, if your career in the bar industry has started to become dissatisfactory to you, you should consider looking at new careers completely. To find one that you are passionate about, you should consider your hobbies and the activities that you are interested in. You might also consider jobs where you can help others or the world, and that can help you to feel as if you are making a positive impact. By looking at a new career trajectory, which it is possible to do at any age, you will be able to start afresh and find a role that you will never get tired of. Then, if you are unhappy at work, you should not feel as if you have to simply grin and bear it. Instead, it is important that you take the necessary steps to find a job that you enjoy, as most people will spend the majority of their time in the workplace.

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