What are home care services, and how much does it cost? 

Home care services can be essential for seniors who find themselves in a challenging condition. Getting home care service for Seniors in Lake Park, FL, allows senior citizens to retain their age and independence while still having access to the care they require. Senior care services can make aging more manageable and safer for older people.

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What are Home Care services?

A home care service for Seniors is non-medical caregiving offered in the client’s home. This type of care may include assistance with their daily activities such as meal preparation, bathing, companionship, transportation, and many more. But this does not include medical care or therapies. 

However, depending on a client’s needs, they can get assistance from senior care services in Greenacres, FL, from one hour a week to 24-hours a day. 

Types of Home Health Care

Home care service for Seniors in Lake Park, FL, have two primary types of home health care:

● The Skilled home health service care

● The Non-skilled home health service care

Skilled home health service care is the type that a physician prescribes. It involves physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and the care given via a registered nurse.

The non-skilled home health service care involves services such as cleaning, bathing, and running errands. Note that this type of care is usually provided by a registered nurse assistant or senior care services.

What Does Home care services for Seniors in Lake Park, FL include?

This will depend on a client need; senior care services Greenacres FL can provide you with a wide range of services which include:

● Companionship 

● Personal assistance with meals 

● Bathing assistance 

● Occupational therapy

● Wound care

● Nursing care for long-term or short illnesses or disabilities. 

How much does home care service cost? 

Most senior care services Greenacres FL and agencies price their services by the hour. Therefore, most of them have a minimum number of contracted hours, generally around two to four hours a day or sometimes seven hours a week.  

However, some agencies offering home care service for seniors provide contract options for monthly or weekly care after the client has determined their loved one needs.

Below is the cost of home care services which varies according to states

The ten most expensive states for home care service:

Washington: $31.16/hr.

Minnesota: $30.75/hr.

California: $29.00/hr.

Massachusetts: $29.00/hr.

New Hampshire: $28.50/hr.

Vermont: $28.50/hr.

Wyoming: $28.12/hr.

Alaska: $28.00/hr.

South Dakota: $28.00/hr.

District of Columbia: $26.13/hr.

The ten most affordable states for home care services:

Louisiana: $17.00/hr.

Alabama: $18.00/hr.

Mississippi: $18.00/hr.

West Virginia: $18.50/hr.

Arkansas: $20.00/hr.

North Carolina: $20.00/hr.

Tennessee: $20.50/hr.

Georgia: $21.00/hr.

Kentucky: $21.25/hr.

South Carolina: $21.38/hr.


Indeed, unexpected events can occur in seniors’ lives, like having injuries and some other condition. Unfortunately, this means family members will have to miss work for caregiving. But home care services for Seniors in Lake Park, FL can help family members to avoid missing work from time to time. Senior care services provide clients with transportation and personal support whenever unexpected things occur. 

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