What Are Auto-Flowering Seeds?

planting hemp is no easy feat as you will sacrifice a lot of your time to ensure they grow properly. Some hemp seeds are not as strong as others, so you have to provide a schedule of lighting and water to make them survive.

Apart from watering and lighting them, you must also try as much as possible to prevent them from disease infestation. This will easily be transmitted from one plant to another, and you can easily lose your whole stock. Regular hemp takes so long before it reaches its maturity period, which means the number of times you can plant in a season is limited.

Auto-flowering seeds are hemp seeds that start flowering when the plant reaches a specific growth stage. This is in contrast to photoperiod blooming, which occurs after the summer solstice. This means even without a lighting schedule; the Auto-flowering seed will flower once it gets to a particular age.

Auto-flowering seeds were not obtained from a lab experiment; Rather, through years of cross-breeding multiple strains of the Sativa with strains from different parts of the world. All this collective cross-breeding gave birth to the Auto-flowering seed. I am sure many people are interested in getting this seed for themselves. The good news is there are Autoflower seeds for sale in seed banks around you.

Although the Auto-flowering seed is great when you intend to maximize the planting season and reap a bountiful harvest, it is ideal for discrete planting because of its small size. However, there are many available variants, including the Auto-flowering feminized seeds. You can go for the Auto-flowering seed Mix pack, a combination of various Auto-flowering strains.

To better understand Auto-flowering seeds, you need to understand how it works.

How Does Auto-Flowering Seed Work

Photoperiod plants, as previously stated, only begin to blossom under specific lighting circumstances. They blossom during a specified photoperiod, which is defined by the number of hours of sunshine vs the total hours of darkness they receive.

Most indoor growers put the plants on a strict 12/12 light schedule to flower photoperiod plants early, which means 12 hours under the lights followed by 12 hours of complete darkness.

Auto-flowering seeds work differently. Breeders have developed strains to begin flowering automatically when the plant reaches a certain size. As a result, most Auto-flowering plants are ready to harvest in under 10 weeks. Flowering often begins at a mere two to four weeks.

Difference Between Auto-Flowering and Regular Seed

Though this varies by strain, Auto-flowering strains are often significantly smaller than their conventional equivalents. As a result, yields from Auto-flowering plants are often lower. Some Auto-flowering hemp seeds may produce up to 150 grams per plant; however, the average is in the double digits.

Auto-flowering hemp seeds also benefit inside, especially for individuals who enjoy sativas. Auto-flowering plants are often tiny and compact and may thrive in a larger variety of settings. Sativas, on the other hand, grow tall and have a long flowering time. Starting with Auto-flowering Sativa seeds makes growing these shrewd plants inside easy.

Advantages of Planting Auto-Flowering Seed

The Auto-flowering seed comes with a lot of advantages over the regular strain. One major benefit of the Auto-flowering strain is the fact that it doesn’t need a lighting schedule for sunlight, and the flowering depends on the age, not the amount of sunlight it sees. Also, it has a shorter life span, so you will have an early harvest.

Early harvests translate to multiple planting seasons, giving you a bountiful harvest.

How Are Auto-Flowering Seeds Made

Auto-flowering seeds are a very strong strain and can be resistant to weather and diseases. This is a result of the multiple cross-breeding that took place before this seed was arrived at. The Auto-flowering seed was not created but mixed with different strains of desirable qualities before it was achieved.


The Auto-flowering seed is a great strain that offers many benefits. It is easy to grow in compact spaces, and the flowering occurs based on the age of the plant, not on the amount of sunlight received.

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