Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioning System 

Do you want to install an air conditioning system on your commercial property but don’t know anything about the types of commercial units? You are in the right place. Here, you will learn about the different AC types used for commercial purposes. Keep reading to learn more. 

Furthermore, air conditioning is used for residential and commercial needs. You can install an AC unit in your home to keep your loved ones comfortable. On the other hand, you can take advantage of commercial units if you have a shop or run a business. Whether you install an AC for commercial or residential use, you need an HVAC maintenance service in Houston, TXto care for your system’s health. 

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Air conditioning systems are available with varying cooling and heating capacities. They are found in different setups and layouts. If we talk about the types of commercial AC, they include the single split system, multi-split system, and VRF or VRV system. Let’s see about all these types one by one. 

Single Split System 

If you are searching for something affordable for your business, you are good to go with a single split system. A single split system is a pocket-friendly option for your commercial buildings. They have the ability to heat and cool different areas of your business space. Single splits are best for small offices, shops, cafes, and server rooms. 

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If you need to serve a larger space, you can use split systems in combination. You can call a split system installation service in Houston, TXto install the system. Ensure the location where you install a single split has enough external space. It is good to consult a professional before buying one as they will help you buy the right one. 

Multi-Split System 

While multi-split units perform in the same way as single split systems, they allow you use up to nine indoor units with the help of one outdoor unit. Such AC units are widely used at restaurants, offices, doctor’s surgeries, and shops. It is good to use fewer outdoor units if you have space problems or want to maintain the external aesthetic of your building. 

If we talk more about these units, they let you use more than one indoor unit type. Multi-split systems are challenging when it comes to installation as they need more pipework than their single counterpart. Moreover, you need to maintain your AC from time to time by hiring an HVAC maintenance service in Houston, TX.

VRF or VRV System

Now we have come to the third type of commercial air conditioning. VRF means variable refrigerant flow; on the other hand, VRV means variable refrigerant volume. These terms look confusing, but they are the same thing in reality. 

The man behind VRV is Daikin, but they wanted to protect the term from other manufacturers. Therefore, people around the world know VRF. 

Further, if you need to provide heating cooling to medium to large spaces such as hotels, retail rooms, and larger offices, you can confidently go with VRF/VRV air conditioning. Keep the unit maintained by hiring an HVAC maintenance service in Houston, TX. That’s all you should know about the different types of commercial AC units. 

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