7 Most-watched Web Series You Can Watch Anytime

A collection of the Best web series in the world, a never-ending internet, and best friend, what else can entertain you more than this? This is probably the best combination a person looks for on their weekend or vacation. Streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, and many others have unlimited, unique, and creative content for non-stop entertainment. If you’re trying to find good options, you’re at the right place. 

To make it easy and convenient for you, we have shortlisted the seven most popular web series in the world that you can watch to make the most of your time. We have selected different niches; whether you like fiction, drama, action, thriller, or comedy, we have got everything covered for you.

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We know this is the most interesting source of entertainment for all age groups. Reading books, online articles and magazines can bore you at one time, but online web series is an all-time entertaining piece. Thus, we have covered the most-watched web series in the world that won’t let you skip even a single scene. Check out the list. 

Top 7 World’s Most-watched Web Series That Will Never Bore You

Here is the list of the most popular web series in the world. Gauge through the list and let us know which one is the best. Hopefully, you will like it all and also suggest your friends watch it.

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Game of Thrones

Among the most popular web series in the world, Game of Thrones deserves to be on the top of the list. If you love to watch suspense and mystery, Game of Thrones is for you. This web series is based on the novel “A song of Fire and Ice” which is divided into 8 seasons and 73 episodes. This is one of the most-watched web series on the internet. 

Where to Watch- Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. 

No. of Seasons- 8

Total Episodes– 73

IMBd rating- 9.3


Another most popular web series in the world is FRIENDS. This web series revolves around a group of friends and their life in Manhattan. All the friends have to deal with family, love, drama, comedy, and friendship also. Each of the characters has many problems but struggles with them with passion. It is the best web series in the world at the time.

Where to Watch– HBO Max, ZEE5

No. of Seasons- 10

Total Episodes– 236

IMBd rating- 8.9

Stranger Things

The concept of the story is based on the missing little boy. The entire story revolves around the search for that guy with the help of his friend, family, and local police. Later the missing story stuck into a mystery of secret government experiments, some supernatural forces, and a mysterious young girl. Overall, this is an outstanding web series that can engage you for hours. 

Where to Watch- Prime Video 

No. of Seasons- 4

Total Episodes- 25

IMBd rating- 8.8

TVF Pitchers

If you are about to kickstart a business and looking for motivation, that’s the most-watched web series in the world. Based on a group of young entrepreneurs, this web series talks about companionship, passion, and collaboration as the most essential aspects of every startup! With motivated dialogues and an inspiring storyline, this web series will boost your motivation, even if it fails to entertain.

Where to Watch- YouTube 

No. of Seasons- 1

Total Episodes- 5

IMBd rating- 9.1

Family Man

Regarded as one of the most popular web series in the world, Family Man proves that Indian Cinema is thriving, not on the big screen but on OTT platforms though. The story of this series revolves around a common man, Srikant Tiwari, who is also an undercover agent. From its opening to the end, Family Man teaches some important lessons on personal-professional life balance.

Where to Watch- Amazon Prime 

No. of Seasons- 2

Total Episodes- 19

IMBd rating- 8.8


If you have been searching for crime based thrilling web series, Narcos will exactly meet your demands. It is an incredible web series that has been watched all over the globe because of its mysterious drug story. The story is based on notorious drug dealer ‘Pablo Escobar’, who overnight became a billionaire through his cocaine business. It is really interesting and worth watching.  

Where to Watch– Netflix

No. of Seasons– 3

Total Episodes– 30

IMBd rating- 8.8


Last but not the least web series on the list is Westworld which is a science fiction film. It is an excellent web series based on an exclusive theme park where the people who can afford the ticket can live limitlessly. Revolving around the robotic life of two people, this web series is really interesting to watch anytime and all age groups.   

Where to Watch- HBO 

No. of Seasons- 3

Total Episodes- 20

IMBd rating- 8.7

If you don’t want to go out on your weekend or have plans to enjoy yourself with your friends at your home, trying these most-watched web series is worth it. 

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