Top Ideas To Organize Your Quilting Rulers In Quality Holder

If you sew and little ones drop by your sewing space, you need to organize your quilting rulers and tools carefully. Putting your expensive quilt rulers and sharp tools up and away from prying hands is the best way to keep them safe. If you work in an industry where you use sewing rulers, you need to know where they are to be efficient. Most sewing and quilting rulers are made of clear acrylic which tends to scratch and chip if not cared for and stored properly. Not only is it a safety essential, especially around children, but also the ruler holder must be handy. Keeping your quilting rulers in one place allows you to pick any of them when needed without wasting time searching for them. If you are also looking for a Quality holder for quilting rulers, you should know some of the best ideas for organizing rulers below.

Put all the rulers together in one place

First, dig through those bins, drawers, and under those stacks of fabrics, and bring your quilting rulers together. Then, spread all of them out, maybe on a table, to get a good idea of what you have. If you are like most of us, you might have a few duplicates.

Sort your rulers into different categories

Once your quilt rulers are gathered, start sorting them into piles based on category. Assume you pre-ordered my Quilting Life Planner. In such a scenario, your planner will include an overview of the three primary ruler categories and pages to record your inventory and storage. You can organize them in any type, but it should suit you. You can utilize the following categories:

  • Rectangle and square rulers are commonly used for trimming blocks and cutting textiles.
  • The template is a piece of acrylic or plastic that is used to cut a particular shape
  • Utility rulers are used to cutting the parts for standard blocks like strips, flying geese, half-square triangles, and Easy Corner Triangles.
  • Specialty Rulers-Rulers designed for a particular use, such as Log Cabin Rulers and Pineapple Rulers.

Find appropriate Holders for Your Rulers

Once the rulers have been categorized into categories, you can consider the best way to store them.

  • How are you going to keep track of them?
  • Will they sit in a drawer and get scratched?
  • Will you drop them in a bucket and watch them get chipped?
  • Will you be able to easily find the specific ruler you are looking for?
  • Would you like to hang them on the wall so you can see them?

You have more than just a few quilt rulers. How are you going to organize them so you can find them? A great solution for your sewing space is a wall-mounted Ruler Rack by Rita’s Racques which is a quilt ruler holder that holds up to 42 rulers in a small space. After deciding on a storage location for each ruler on the holder, go through your collection and place each ruler in its designated location.

Make a note of where you’ve put the rulers

Finally, plan a location to keep the instruction pages with your rulers. While many instructions may be accessed on the internet, keeping all instruction sheets in a file folder in a drawer on your worktable is preferable. This is the most excellent technique to store the rulers in a quilt ruler stands without much confusion. At Rita Racques, you can buy top-quality ruler holders at the best price.

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