Top 5 Benefits of Brand Tracking Surveys

Think for a moment about the Nike brand. I bet the “Just Do It” slogan and the swoosh logo came to mind right away. Some brands just seem to be a part of everyone’s mind. Brand of coffee? Starbucks. Phone? Apple. Quick food? McDonald’s. How have these brands kept their strong brand identities for so long? Their success depends on a lot of things, but you can bet that brand tracking is one way they stay in people’s minds.

Keeping track of progress over time

When Brand Attribute Surveys USA is done regularly, you can see whether the health of your brand is getting better, getting worse, or staying the same over time. Based on the results, the company’s leaders can make any changes they need to their marketing and brand strategy. They can then keep track of how these changes affect health.

Staying in touch with customers

The way people see a brand changes all the time. By keeping an eye on this, companies can make it a priority to change with the times and their customers, which will keep their brand relevant. It also makes it less likely that a sudden (or even gradual) change in how people see you will catch you off guard. For example, even if Generation Z loves your brand now, will they still like it when they’re older? Or will you have to try to reach the next group of young people?

Figuring out how well a campaign worked

Creating a Brand Preference Surveys USA or a new product costs a lot of money, so you’ll want to know what people thought of the message or product after they were released. Did it have the effect you hoped for? Are sales coming from a new group of people, or are your main customers just buying more? Did it help or hurt how people saw the brand? To avoid branding mistakes, it’s important to do qualitative research before and after a campaign or product launch.

Figuring out how much marketing efforts are worth

An increase in sales is a good sign of how well a new campaign or product is doing, but another important goal is to keep or increase brand awareness, association, and consideration. Tracking your brand lets you see if your new initiative made this branding trifecta better or worse, which can help you decide what to do next.

Putting Your Brand Next to Others

How does your brand compare to the ones that are out there? Are you the best choice for the people you want to reach? Brand tracking shows you these answers and can help you come up with a plan for what to do next. For instance, if one brand always does better than yours in terms of brand awareness, association, and consideration, what are they doing that you aren’t? Where do they put their ads, and what do they say? Should you try to be like them or find ways to be different? These important questions are brought up by brand tracking studies and the market analysis they give.

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