Tips to Host a Basketball-Themed Party for Your Child

Do you have a Basketball fan in your house? Then throwing a basketball-themed birthday party for them is a must. It will take your little basketball player by surprise and serve as one of the best memory in their life. 

We have put together some expert tips to help you plan a basketball birthday partyLet’s dive into the preparation:


You can ask your child to help you create a crafty invitation or browse through online templates. To craft an invitation, cut out a basketball shape from orange construction paper and draw black lines over it. You can note the party details on the back of the invitation. You can also click a picture of your child in their favourite jersey. Send it as an invitation with party details written on the back of the picture.


Choose your child’s favourite team colour. Decorate the venue with balloons and streamers of a similar colour. Make or buy pompoms, hang them from a wall, or place them on the table. You can decorate the walls with posters of your child’s favourite player or team. 

You can also decorate the food table to look like a basketball court with a light brown shade of tablecloth. Create the lines on the court with some pin strapping tape. Place a small net on the table and give your guest a Nerf-type basketball to make their practice shot.


A basketball-themed cake for basketball birthday parties is a must. You can hire a professional cake artist to create a 3-D basketball-themed cake, or you can DIY one at home. 

You can mix all different types of treats and candies to represent the colour of your child’s favourite basketball team. Serve those little athletes some hotdogs and burgers to fuel their energy. 


Include at least 2 to 3 activities at the basketball birthday party to keep the kids engaged. Some of the popular basketball activities for birthday parties are:

  • You can set up a regulation basketball hoop and balls for kids to enjoy. Or you can simply host a part in a basketball park.
  • You can also organize a contest for the kids. Award prize to those with maximum throw in a row.
  • You can also create a basketball Piñata with full of goodies.

Wrapping Up

Surprise your kids with the best birthday party of their life. Consider the tips shared above to organize a basketball-themed party for them. No one is ever too old for it. 

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