Things to know about wooden garage door maintenance

Wood overhead garage doors function similarly to standard metallic doors and can be used with a garage door opener like steel garage doors. Carriage-style wooden garage doors open on hinges mounted on the sides of the door. Swing-open doors add appeal to homes and do not require much roof space in garages.

Garage door openers are used with swinging and sliding carriage-style wooden garage doors. The parts of swinging and sliding garage door openers are somewhat different than those used for overhead doors, but they efficiently function with a remote-control standard overhead garage door opener.

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Wood garage doors have an elegant, classic beauty. They also need special maintenance for long-lasting. Without proper care, wood can absorb water and cause mold. These doors are also very heavyweight, which may require frequent maintenance to prevent the malfunctioning of the garage door opener. If the garage door opener is not working correctly or the door opener is damaged, you may need a new garage opener installation in Rockwall, TX, with the help of skilled technicians.

Somethings you need to know about maintaining a wooden garage door.

Regular Refinishing Can Prolong the Door’s Service Life

A wood garage door can deteriorate quickly if not protected from the environmental elements. Regular finishing and denting protect the wooden garage door from moisture, mold, and destructive UV rays. If the finishing is done properly and maintained well, the door can last for many years. If the lacquer wears off without replacement, the wooden garage door can quickly begin to crack or rot.

Over time, the color and polish on the wood become faded. So, Refinishing is recommended every 2-3 years to the faded parts and chipped areas of the wooden garage door to preserve the natural look of the wood door.

Cleaning Protects the Door

Cleaning the door with a dry microfiber cloth every month can remove dirt and dust and keep it from rotting. If the operation of the door is more than usual, you may need to use a wet sponge and mild soap to clean the door. The use of a pressure washer is not advised to do this task. A pressure washer can strip the finish.

Ignoring door cleaning can leave a garage door vulnerable to mold, rot, or damage. As a result, you may need a wood garage door repair in Rockwall, TX.

Wooden Garage Doors Need Regular Professional Maintenance

If a wooden garage door is installed in your garage, you can protect the door and torsion spring by getting yearly garage door maintenance. A garage door technician will examine, fine-tune, repair, or replace your garage door torsion spring as required. If technician detects something wrong with the torsion spring or garage door opener, they can recommend suitable action or a new garage opener installation in Rockwall, TX.

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