Sunlight is considered one of the most crucial factors behind a plant’s growth. It turns soil nutrients, carbon dioxide, and water into food—all of which help plants to survive and reproduce. Every plant requires different lighting necessities; some plants needs full sun, whereas others need partial shade.

The absence of sunlight can cause your plants to dry and die, and using an alternative light source could help if you can’t relocate them within your garden. Best grow lights are a superb alternative to natural sunlight if you want your plants to boost and live successfully.

Let’s have a look on these surprising benefits:


Plants need sunlight to survive. They grow best if they receive ample amount of sunlight in a day. With grow lights, plants will grow faster even under the shade, which results in a faster harvest cycle. There are different kinds of grow lights which you can choose from. Two of the most used types of bulbs for grow lights are Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs and traditional High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. Best led grow lights are suitable for almost any space and they also produce less heat thus avoiding damage to your plants.


It is now possible to fully recycle your LED grow lights, thus making them more environments friendly which can be good alternative to HID lights. HID lights include relatively large mercury quantities, mostly when burned, which is not good for the environment. Good thing is that these dangerous substances don’t exist in LED grow lamps. So, you can ensuring that your plants are in safe hands and will face no harm.


The UV, IR, direct sunlight, heat and other lighting components can be very extreme for some of your plants. Some plants are burned by the harsh sun, and the browning of a plant’s leaves is a sign of this issue. They need excess amount of energy and so that they don’t die. However, when you use grow lights, you can adjust their heat to the right amount without decreasing the wavelength which plants need.

Grow lights have a distinct edge compared to other lighting alternatives as they emit far less heat. Too much heat can also damage your plants. LEDs run cooler than HID bulbs, also lower harmful environmental impact.


One advantage is that they have low heat power, you can place grow lights nearer to your plants compared to traditional HID bulbs. You can place grow lights at certain distance away from the plant. This is beneficial for plant owners those who have limited height in their gardens where the lights can be mounted.

The size and height of grow lights also allow you to help the lights reach a plant’s canopy with maximum light.


If you’re looking for a cheaper addition to your garden, grow lights are one of your best options. You can choose grow lights that will best suit your garden which comes in many shapes and sizes. They can add to the overall design of your space while providing your plants with the light that they actually need.

Apart from their outstanding luminous efficacy, LEDs are great bulb options for grow lights as they are durable and they can even last for ten years or longer without the worry of repair or replacement.

Another benefit of using grow lights is that they’re more flexible in design and technology than other alternative lighting sources. Many LED growth panels are flexible, and components can be changed with new features within the panel.


Main reason as why LED lights are gaining more popularity is that they have a longer lifespan than the normal light bulb. As they have lower operating temperatures, a LED grow light system can run for as long as 50,000 hours – which is why they are far more superior to the traditional lighting system. Also, you will no longer have to replace the light bulbs so often. Thus, you can save money for buying new sets. Also, you can grow crops for years – without worrying of maintenance.


Most of our electricity bill is generated by heat emission and the “burn” needed to produce the light. However, choosing LED grow lights that do not actually burn anything in order to produce the lights, can help you and it can also greatly lower our electricity bill.


When you use traditional lights on plants, the burning effect will bounce off the plant, causing it to dry up if the temperature is not up to its liking. Everything that emits harmful UV lights can cause damage to the plants, causing them to need a lot more energy and water to survive.

So basically, LED grow lights, can be fully recycled, making them an eco-friendly alternative to HID lights. LED grow lights might have taken some time until they gained popularity – but people eventually started to appreciate their use. They are not as harsh on the environment, they are less harsh on the energy bill – and they also offer your indoor plants all the light they need to grow up healthy.

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