Start your Career as a Security Professional with Proper Training & License

Not only is the security industry a safe career choice, but this job market is thriving in today’s economy. Starting a lucrative career in the private security industry requires proper training and licensing. These security licenses and defensive training courses prepare you for a career as a security professional and let you quickly master the basic skills and training you need to get started.

Once you search for the security license course in Florida, you may have found different courses, such as courses for D license and G security license. But do you understand what precisely these courses are and how they differ? If not, let’s understand them briefly.

Security Officer D License course

The class D security license training program prepares security professionals seeking security jobs in Florida. Once you have a D security license, you can apply to security agencies that work with private security services and recruit staff.

The class D security license course in Florida train students in safety fundamentals and make the student learn about industry laws regulated by the licensing department to ensure compliance with the services they provide.

Additionally, security training requires 40 hours of instruction to be eligible to apply for a safety license. Once students complete the class D security license course in Florida, they will receive a certificate submitted with their security license application to complete the procedure.

Eligibility Requirements
  • To obtain the D security license in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • And be a legal resident citizen or alien of the United States.
Security Officer G License Course

To work for the armed guard in Florida, you must have a class G security license. The security officer G license course is 28 hours long and is taught by the industry’s top firearms instructors. The G security license course in Florida is designed for beginners to intermediates and focuses on shooting principles, gun safety, and the legal issues of working as an armed guard.

If you are looking for the G class license, you must complete a 28 hours class G license training course that includes classroom instruction and firearms qualification.

Requirement for G security license course

Applicants must apply for a statewide firearms license to the licensing department.
Applicants must hold or be in the process of obtaining a D Security License or Private Investigator License to be eligible for a Class G Security License.
o apply for an Armed Security License, the applicant must be 18 years of age or older and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
A G security license requires 28 hours of classroom instruction by a licensed firearms instructor at a licensed safety school.

Security Officer Annual Requalification

To maintain to G security license, you must complete the security officer’s annual requalification for each license year and report to the department before the month and day shown as the expiration date.

So if you already have a G security license and want to continue as a security officer, you must complete and report 4 hours of security officer annual requalification training each year before the actual license expires.

Bottom line

Obtaining a security license is necessary if you want to start your career in the private security industry in Florida. Whether a D security license or G class security license for armed security officers, finding an experienced instructor and effective security license course in Florida can upgrade your knowledge and make your journey smooth.

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