Solar Energy: The Future of Renewable, Clean, and Green Energy

There are several options that can help improve the environment by choosing a more environmentally friendly energy solution. Solar energy is one of them. If you want to choose renewable energy for electricity and heating purposes, solar energy could be the best alternative as it is safer and more environmentally friendly energy that is independent of polluted resources. If you are residing in Alberta, you can explore the different solar club packages and can become a small solar micro-generator.

Before discussing solar energy, let’s understand renewal energy and why it has become very popular in recent years?

Renewable energy is the energy derived from the earth’s natural and sustainable resources, like sunlight, wind, water, etc. In recent years, renewable energies have replaced traditional fossil fuel-based energies and are usually much less harmful to the environment.

As fossil fuel is a form of carbon, it produces carbon dioxide and other harmful bi-product after burning, which is not environmentally friendly and increases pollution levels. A renewable source of energy is the best available alternative to fossil fuel. It is not only sustainable but also safe and clean for the environment.

Solar energy is one of the main components of renewable energy and the best alternative to produce electricity and heat energy. Solar energy or solar heat green energy is a type of renewable energy which can be obtained by taking radiant energy from sunlight and converting it into heat, electricity, or hot water.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems can use solar cells to convert direct sunlight into electricity. Sunlight is a sustainable source of energy and doesn’t produce any harmful bi-products; it is considered clean and green energy.

Advantages of solar energy

  • Sunlight is virtually endless. With the technology to extract it, there is an unlimited supply of solar energy, which means that fossil fuels can become obsolete. The use of solar energy rather than fossil fuels also helps improve public health and environmental conditions.
  • Solar energy also has the potential to reduce energy costs in the long run and energy costs in the short run. Many federal state, and federal governments also encourage investment in solar energy by offering rebates or tax credits.
  • As solar energy does not produce any harmful bi-product, it is considered clean energy and keeps the environment pollution free.
  • The maintenance cost for solar energy setup is very low and doesn’t require regular maintenance.
  • Tax saving: Many governments provide subsidies and tax rebates for the installation of solar panels to encourage the use of solar energy. In short, it not only increases your monthly saving but also reduces your tax liability.

Limitation of solar energy

  • Although solar energy is very cost-effective in use, it usually has a significant upfront cost and charges a high cost at the time of installation.
  • It requires enough sunlight to produce a sufficient unit of electricity, at least 10 hours of continuous sunlight in summer to produce a 5 KW unit of electricity.
  • Sufficient space is required to place solar panels limiting the practical application of this technology at the individual level.
  • Technical know-how: Technical expertise is important for the setup of the panel and for its maintenance.

Concept of Solar micro-Generator

To overcome the limitation of solar energy, many utility providers have created a solar club for small solar micro-generator. Small solar micro-generators are those individual homeowners who set up small units of solar panels for their own use and provide the extra unit of solar electricity to the grid which is not consumed by them. The solar club provides special premium rates to a micro solar generator which not only saves their utility bill but also reduces the burden of the electricity grid for electricity production. So, solar energy is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

Uses of solar energy

Solar electricity:

This is one of the alternative energy applications that has gained a great deal of momentum in recent years. As solar electricity is cost-effective and environment-friendly, lots of individuals have become responsive to the monetary and environmental edges of alternative energy.

Solar water heating:

Solar energy is also used for solar water heating by individual households as well as for a large water tank.

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