3 Simple Ways to Convert Text to PDF File

The need for online converters is enhancing day by day. Businesses have to encounter a variety of files. They have to convert it from one format to another as per their need. Most commonly, they look for ways to convert text to pdf online, so the best and most facilitating solution for this is to use the online text to PDF converter that do conversion in seconds.

Ways to Convert Text to PDF

You can enjoy toturn text into PDFin different ways. Yes, you read it right. There are multiple ways to convert the text into an encrypted form.

  • PDFelement
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • EasePDF


It is the desktop program that allows the conversion of text content into PDF format. The users can create as many PDF documents on it as they like. It is compatiblewith multiple devices such as Mac and Windows. The method to use this online text to PDF converter is to download andinstall it. After successful installing of it, open it up and start creating the PDF file in it. All you need to do for this is to upload your text in it. Click on the button Create PDF and then enter text into it. You can edit the text too as per your needs. Convert it into PDF and set the password to ensure maximum protection to it. Only the panel of selective users can open it up.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

It is an excitingonline text to pdf converter. It demands the downloading and installing of it. After doing so, open up the online tool and click on the button Tools and make the selection for Create PDF. Now, please choose the option of Select a PDF to upload a file in it. Add the text to it and then save it into PDF format by clicking on the icon of PDF format. Save text files as PDF files for ensuring the encryption or protection of data.


EasePDF is the most appropriate and useful platform for converting text to PDF. You can enjoy getting unlimited PDFs through this online format. Get all the conversions for free of cost. The process to use it is quite simple. It demands the launching of online text to pdf converter. After doing this now open it up and click on the button of PDF Creator. Upload the content in it through copy-paste or either dragging and dropping the content file. After uploading the file, click a button to convert to PDF and save it instantly on your device. Online txt to PDF converter is one of the most accessible and frequently used online tools. It helps marvellously for personal and business purpose.


Text is the unencrypted form that most often needs to be converted into the encrypted format. Then, such online tools help much in doing so without any problem. Make your official work quite convenient and superspeedy for you through the use of online tools. You will get the output file with the file extension of .pdf. Save it and share it with ease with your friends and colleagues.

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