Short Film Funding Canada & Funding Sources

A question that’s constantly being asked is “Where do short films get funding?” where to start and how to find the right source for you. It mainly happens when it comes to short film funding in Canada.

Many methods are available for you to fund your short films, such as grants, non-profit organizations for filmmakers, and of course, the national film festival. These are all things you, as a filmmaker, can and should take advantage.

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There are a few funding sources that, however, provide funding for short films in the Canadian hemisphere. They are namely:

  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Canada Media Fund
  • Hot Docs Film Funds
  • IPF (Independent Production Fund)
  • NFB FAP (National Film Board of Canada Filmmaker Assistance Program)

Some sources provide funding on a provincial level, and some of them are namely:

  • Telefilm – Canada Feature Film Fund
  • Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit
  • Canada Media Fund
  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
  • Community Initiatives Program
  • Film and Television Tax Credit (FTTC)

Once you have a source willing to provide short film funding Canada, you can follow the following steps on your list to make your film a success.

How To Get Funding For Your Film: What Are The Steps?

An essential thing to think about in any film project is funding, mainly because the crew needs money every step in making your film. Getting proper short film funding Canada can be an arduous task for anyone in the industry; however, there are many possibilities.

Films can be financed through a studio or independently. Below we’ll look at a few primary funding sources in more detail.

  • Grants

When discussing grants, filmmakers have many opportunities to give them the necessary funds to continue their work, from film festivals government grants straight through to annuities offered by non-profit organizations.

  • Private Investors

Another road to get your film funded is through private investors, be it someone wealthy who just likes the film or someone who wants to expand their funding portfolio. A small portion of film funding comes through private investors in the industry.

  • Crowdfunding

When crowdfunding is available for a film, the crew will provide their pitch, trailer, and other information to support their cause. They will then ask the public members to make individual donations towards the film.

Fact: Some small-budget films have generated a portion or all the funds needed for their film through crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Fiscal sponsorship

In this sponsorship, the filmmaking team can partner up with a non-profit organization to receive tax-exempt for the ongoing project. With this, the film can be eligible for more grants and donations.

  • Product Placement

The filmmaking team agrees to feature specific products or services in their film during this agreement. Through this, they receive either direct financing towards the film or free use of products during the film shooting, for example, cars for a racing scene or jewels for a vital gala scene.

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