Roaster’s Guide To Buying Green Caturra Coffee

Are you a coffee roaster struggling to buy green caturra coffee? If you’re unaware of the considerations, this feature is for you. Let’s uncover the practical points to consider while selecting green coffee beans.

Coffee origin

As a roaster, your objective should be to know the coffee producing regions. This helps in understanding coffee’s taste profile. Beans grown at higher altitudes are more acidic and give fruity flavors. That’s why you’ll find the aroma of unroasted green caturra coffee matching with blueberries. If you get to know the absolute details about the coffee farm and its growth altitude, it’s an indication of a good batch. However, if you get partial information or only the sub-region of growth, it’s a good possibility that the coffee beans are not sourced from a single farm, and it is not recommended to buy it.

Coffee bean size

The second tip would be to ensure the uniformity of coffee beans. If you’re buying green coffee by the sack, ensure that the beans are similar in size, shape, and color. If the shape and size are consistent, it means that green beans are correctly sorted using a coffee screen. It is also important because uniformity affects the roasting process, final appearance, and overall taste.

Coffee processing method

Coffee processing methods define the texture and final taste of coffee. Typically there are two methods used for processing coffee.

The dry process: It is a natural method that involves drying in sunshine. The coffee produced with this method is heavy-bodied, sweet, smooth, and complex.
• The wet process: This method is known as a washed method, popularly used in Honduran coffee regions. It produces coffee with a cleaner, brighter, fruitier, and more acidic taste profile.

The processing methods typically depend on environmental conditions. So, ensure to check the region and its coffee processing method. Ensure that they align.

Coffee drying condition

If possible, try to get as much information about the drying conditions of the green caturra coffee beans. Usually, this information is printed on the label. If producers didn’t devote the proper time to dry the beans, it could impact the overall quality of coffee beans. Ideally, coffee should be dried from a 60% to 11% moisture content.

Coffee bean appearance and texture

The coffee bean’s appearance is another important factor roasters should consider when buying green caturra coffee for sale. Usually, naturally dried (dry processing) green beans are covered in brown silver skin. This is called fox bean in Brazil. This is not a sign of defect but a particularity of a region.

The worrying factor is if coffee beans have pink skin under them. You can check this by cracking some of them. This is a potential defect, and the beans with this defect are not apt for roasting. Also, check if the beans are faded or have a white texture around the edges. This results due to improper drying and storing in humid conditions.

After checking thoroughly, pick the green beans with a hard texture. If you find them fragile, it might be due to drying at higher temperatures, whereas if they are pliable, they might not have dried sufficiently. Either way, they are not suitable for buying.

Coffee bean scent

The scent of the green beans is essential. Do not forget to smell them before buying. When green, smoke and damage can be easily detected. If you roast them without smelling thoroughly, the smell will be settled, resulting in bad taste.
Sustainable, organic, and ethically sourced
Always check the label for Fair Trade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Practical points to keep in mind

There are many suppliers of green coffee that ship globally. But before you place the order, consider the price (if it is worth the price and is affordable), shipping costs, availability (by sack or by pound), delivery duration, and other practical factors.

Since coffee is an agricultural product, it has a particular harvest season. Some beans are harder to find during certain seasons. As different countries have different harvests, always check the freshness of beans. If they’re more than a year old, you shouldn’t be buying them.

The ending note

Nothing is more pleasurable than roasting coffee beans and spending time in the deep aromas. The roasting process dramatically expands the range of green coffee you choose from. So, remember, research and experimentation is the way to find your favorite green beans.

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