Cancer isn’t Invincible – Battling for Better Health

Not the “C” word again, it causes shivers down my spine and makes me deeply worried. The word is ‘Cancer’ and everybody knows it can be critical or terminal depending on how early it is detected and its location on the human body. Many people have been cured of their cancer. Some elderly patients now live normal lives at a hospice or elsewhere. It is not a contagious disease but can be passed down from generation to generation (5-10%) via their genes. It isn’t necessarily passed on to the kin, but their chances of contracting Cancer are higher. 

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Progress is slow, but there are some breakthroughs 

Many had expected all kinds of cancer to be curable by now after the amount of money and time that has gone into reasearch. We have a much better understanding of it, but are far from eradicating it entirely. The causes of various types of Cancer are now known and people are informed about the probable cause after diagnostics and analysis by a specialist. The number of people succumbing to this life threatening disease is staggering. In their race to identify a cure, many solutions for particular types of cancer have been discovered. Sometimes not even the best doctors can pinpoint the location of the dead cells and the Cancer causing them. Among the effective solutions facilitating recovery from Cancer are ‘photodynamic therapy’ and ‘high dose vitamin C’ in California

Photodynamic therapy for Cancer in a nutshell

Who doesn’t know about chemotherapy for cancer and its side effects like nausea and temporary loss of hair? In comparison, photodynamic therapy (also called phototherapy) can be milder and yet cure the patient over a shorter period of time. In California, the Cancer patient is firstly given a photosensitive drug which is absorbed by the harmful cancer cells. During surgery for this ground-breaking process, a light beam is positioned using optical fibers for the tumour, triggering the drug that then kills the Cancer cells.

Stay positive 

Most people with Cancer will have turmoil in their minds and the need for strong support to deal with reality. Family and friends can help soften the brunt of the shock but while themselves dealing with the patient’s deteriorating health. It’s at times like this that any social animal requires somebody optimistic and on-the-ball to explain what lies ahead in a positive manner. If the person’s future isn’t looking too great, help them forget everything and enjoy themselves to the maximum with company 24/7. For a pious patient, it’s time for somebody more well read than them to steer the boat to friendly waters. It’s only if they trust someone will they follow advice regarding taking high dose vitamin C in California. 

Doctor’s can’t tell a lie about the future as they see it. They can definitely make the person deal with the truth and the reason for requiring ‘photodynamic therapy’ or ‘high dose vitamin C’ in California. The staff, doctors, and other employees will all work in unison to make their patient optimistic and help deal with the consequences of smoking/ drinking/ obesity.

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