Outdoor Movie Companies: 4 Services You Can Expect

When the sun goes down, the fun begins! If you’re searching for a unique way to entertain your guests, outdoor movie nights are the perfect solution. Unfortunately, many companies offer outdoor movie services, so it cannot be easy to know which one is right for you.

Here are a few services you can expect from an outdoor movie company. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Outdoor Movie Screenings

When you search for outdoor movie companies near me, you’re likely looking for a company that can provide an outdoor movie screening for your event. It is a popular service, and most companies will be able to accommodate your request.

Outdoor movie screenings are usually done on a large inflatable screen. The screen can be set up in your backyard or at a park. You’ll need to provide a projector and speakers for the audio.

Most companies will also provide lawn chairs or blankets for your guests to sit on. Some companies will even provide popcorn and other concessions for your event.

2. Sound and Projection Equipment Rental

For the best outdoor cinema experience, you’ll need to rent high-quality sound and projection equipment. Most outdoor movie companies will have everything you need to make your event successful.

You can expect the company to provide:

  • A projector with a high lumen rating for a clear image
  • A screen that is large enough for your audience
  • Speakers that will project the sound clearly
  • Cables and other equipment to connect everything Some planning companies will also provide additional services, such as:
  • A generator to power the equipment if there is no power source at your event location
  • An operator to run the equipment during the movie
  • A movie license if you want to show a copyrighted film

Choosing a company that offers all these services will make your event planning much easier. However, ask about everything included in their packages before deciding.

3. Screen and Projector Rental

Some of the best types of screens and projectors for outdoor use are inflatable screens. They can be easily set up and taken down, providing a great viewing experience for your guests. In addition, many outdoor movie companies will offer screen and projector rentals as package deals.

While choosing a projector, you should check for:

  • Lumens: The measurement of how bright a projector’s image is. You will want a projector with at least 2500 lumens for an outdoor movie night.
  • Resolution: This is the number of pixels that make up the projector’s image. A 1080p resolution is standard and will provide a clear picture.
  • Throw ratio: The projector’s distance from the screen is divided by the image’s width. A shorter throw ratio will allow you to set up your projector closer to the screen.

4. Event Coordination

The best event management company will work with you to ensure your party is executed flawlessly. It includes working with you to choose the perfect movie for your event and coordinating all the logistics so that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

Final Words

An outdoor movie night is a great way to bring people together. Choosing the right outdoor movie company is essential to ensure your event is successful. Look for a company that gives services, including set-up, projection, and sound. You can expect an unforgettable experience with the right company for you and your guests.

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