Places You Can Travel For A Safe Summer Vacation

With the Pandemic coming to control, Europe is now opening travel restrictions. If you are tired of sitting home and in need of an urgent vacation Europe is the perfect place for you. Making summer holidays or Summer Vacation in Europe a reality rather than a possibility. 

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If you are a travel bug and traveling Europe is on your radar, don’t worry. Now you can safely travel to Europe. Here I am going to share with you some places you can travel for a safe summer vacation.

Let’s know the places that you can travel for a safe summer vacation

Tbilisi, Georgia

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is among the least infected places by coronavirus pandemic. A subtle mix of past, present, and future cultures. Tbilisi is a great place to visit. A trendy and open-minded city where you can travel freely while experiences its gastronomy, agriculture, and culture. Architectural pieces ranging from the Medieval period to the new era will wow your mind.

Not only in the matter of pandemics but Tbilisi is also 5 times safer than Paris and London in crime rates.

Tbilisi is a budget-friendly traveling opportunity. It offers grand villas and 5-star hotel rooms at a way less cost than any other European country.

Cavtat, Croatia

Share a love for culture, gastronomy, nature, or water sports? A trip to Cavtat is perfect for you. Croatia is among the few countries that faced the least impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. And hence it is the safest to visit.

Cavtat is a picturesque city with some beautiful architectural designs. Visit the monastery of our lady of the Snow and feel a deeper connection to the divine. Stand at the harbor and enjoy a magnificent view while catching a fresh breath of air.

Spend a day at the shores of Cavtat. Visit the Saint Nicholas Church, Townhall, and the Hotel Croatia.

Azore Islands

There is no better place to spend summers vacation than an island. Spend your days sunbathing and listening to the melodies of the sea. And nights with long romantic walks or a beach party.

The Azores is a setup of 9 volcanic islands that allows you to spend time in the mid of Atlantic ocean. This place has great flora and fauna. And you can here relax in the lap of nature.

Spend a day wandering the Micronesian Laurisilva Forest exploring the natural wonders. Or go hiking on Mount Pico, the highest peak in Portugal. Or Have an intimate bath at the waterfalls on Flores. The Azore Islands are the hub of adventures and every corner of the islands provides opportunities for the same.

Gdansk, Poland

The pearl of the Baltic. Gdansk stands upon the shores of the Baltic Sea. Poland is among a few countries in Europe that had the least impact on the coronavirus pandemic. Making it the perfect place for your summer vacation.

The city is ready to be captured Instagram beauty. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel at Granary Island and enjoy a magnificent view. Walk on the banks of the Motlana River and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

Visit the Artus Court, Saint Mary’s Church, Gdansk Town Hall, the Dutch Mannerist Armoury, and the Neptune mountains. Take a direct flight to Poland from the USAto avoid much human contact. And travel by following every government-issued guideline.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The largest city of Lithuania, Vilnius, is also a safe city to travel to. This gamma global city is known for its unique architectural designs. So if you are interested in architecture, traveling to Vilnius is a treat for you.

Visit the King Mindaugas Monument, the king after the coronation of the country in 1253. The architecture of the old town is preserved and marked as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vilnius is different for every person as it serves you the purpose of your travel. No matter what you are interested in the city has something for you. Important places to visit at Vilnius are the Lithuanian National Drama Theater, Gediminas Tower, and the tower of the ancient Churches.

Batumi, Georgia

The second-largest city in Georgia, Batumi is the capital of Adjara. Standing upon the coast of the Black Sea it lies at the feet of the Caucasus. Also known as the Las Vegas of the Black Sea, Batumi is a great place to be.

Georgia is among the least infected country of the Coronavirus pandemic. The government here was quick in taking measures and was always in action. Making it the perfect place to spend your summers vacation and have some fun.

Walk on the cemented streets of Batumi to have an overview of the city. And visit the Batumi Neptun Square. Spend a day sunbathing at the Batumi beach. Other places to visit are Batumi Europe Square, Medea Statue, and the Cathedral of the Mother of God.

Algarve, Portugal

The biggest and most important Portuguese tourist place, Algarve is a main attraction of Portugal. If you are into golf then you would be happy to know that Algarve is the home of Europe’s top golf courses.

Visit the historical center of Lagos and dive deep into the Portuguese historical roots. Spend a night walking beside Portimao and enjoy a magnificent view. If you are a beach bug, then Quarteira Beach would be perfect for you.

Other places to visit are the desert island near Faro, Loule’s Municipal Market, and the Sagres Point.

Precautions you must take before traveling

  • Take both doses of vaccination or be fully vaccinated before your travel. Although these locations are safe, precaution is always better than cure.
  • Use direct flights to travel. Instead of booking connecting or nonstop flights to Italy from the USA go for direct flights to Italy from US. The reason behind this is the fewer human contact in the direct flights than the other two options.
  • Keeps your masks on. Always wear your masks properly and avoid the risk of getting infected.
  • Keep a hand and seat sanitizer with you. The market is stuffed with products you can use to sanitize almost and everything. Keep a few of them handy and ready to use.
  • Read the travel restrictions of a country before visiting it. Because of the pandemic, various countries are changing their traveling policies. And they keep updating them regularly. Make sure you are aware of the latest policies and are complying with them.

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