Here’s how you can become an iPad parts distributor

iPad parts distributor – The iPad is a line of tablet computers developed and marketed by Apple Inc and it runs on the iOS and iPadOS systems. The first iPad was launched a decade ago and the latest fifth-generation iPad Pro was just launched a couple of days ago. In the past decade so, it is estimated that more half a billion iPad units have been sold. The sales of the iPad are not like what it used to be in 2013 but it still is very good. The iPad is arguably one of the most popular tablet computers in existence today.

How important is the Apple iPad?

Over the past couple of years, the iPad has made hundreds of billions of dollars for Apple, the company who develops and markets it. The iPad might be one of the most advanced tablet computers in existence but it really isn’t without its problems and vulnerabilities. Till now, 500 million units of the iPad have been sold and it would be safe to say that around 25% of them have had problems. When an iPad starts mal-functioning then the owner usually takes it to a repair shop or the service center where it is serviced. Usually just one or two parts of the iPad malfunction so there’s no need to replace the entire device. All variants and models of the iPad have been billed to be better than their predecessors and while that remains debatable, the constant demand and growing sales is testimony to the fact that the iPads will continue to be around for a very long time to come.

Here’s why it makes sense to become an iPad parts distributor

More and more people are trying to become iPad parts distributors because there are actually a lot of opportunities in this space for someone who can play his or her cards right. It is expected that the iPad is going to be in circulation and in demand for several decades to come (until something drastic happens) so there will be always be customers for iPad parts distributors.

If you are a fan of Apple and its offerings then with this step you have a chance of taking your involvement to the next level by becoming one of the many iPad parts distributors. When you turn iPad parts distributor you will have the freedom of running your own business and being your own boss. You can run your business like you want and you won’t have to take orders from anyone. Just maintain cordial relations with your suppliers and you will be on your way to succeeding and making it big as an iPad parts distributor.

Here’s what it takes to become an iPad parts distributor

Depending on how well prepared you are, it can be very easy to borderline impossible to become an iPad parts distributor. If you want to become an authorized iPad parts distributor then you might need to approach Apple. Just go to their website and become familiar with all the rules and regulations that they have in place for allowing people to become authorized distributors and retailers.

If becoming an authorized iPad parts distributor is your aim, then getting your house in order should be your main priority because Apple actually happens to be very careful and cautious of the people that they actually allow being their authorized dealers and distributors. Over and above other requirements and eligibility criteria, you must have annual revenues of $100,000 and a brick-and-mortar store of your business along with an online store.

The rules put in place by Apple are very strict and once you have submitted all of your credentials and documents, then you will get to know by Apple if you have made it or not after 6 months. If you don’t happen to make the cut, then don’t lose hope because you can always become a non-authorized distributor. Scope for growth might be less in this case but still something is better than nothing.

Here’s how you can succeed as an iPad parts distributor

  • Make contacts with the best suppliers so that you are able to source parts of unquestionable quality at really affordable prices
  • Always source parts that you expect to be in demand or else you will be sitting on a pile of parts that have little or no takers meaning heavy losses for you
  • Don’t discount on the quality of the parts you source, even if you get such parts at throwaway prices because the success of your enterprise depends on your ability to source top-class parts at discounted rates so you can further sell them at decent profit margins

Succeeding as an iPad parts distributor is really no rocket science, all you need is some courage, proper planning and a little bit of luck.

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