How To Make Money On Instagram (With Just 500 Followers)

We are living in a digital world where social media has become a more essential and inevitable part of human life. You could notice that almost everyone knows what is social media and not to surprise, each person is active on at least a single social media channel. Instagram is the fourth largest social media channel with more than 1 billion daily active users. Many people spend time on Instagram watching memes to relieve their stress. Do you know that you can earn money using Instagram? If you’re simply using Instagram to watch videos and photos, get set and check this article to start making money using Instagram.

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How To Make Money On Instagram

Spending some of your time and effort can help you gain more money than you think. All of us know that it is important to have a good number of followers to become famous. Are you worried about your followers’ count? Never worry! Your followers are not a matter of making money on Instagram. Rather,  they are a part of your online community. Just relax because, you will now get to know how to earn money with just 500 followers when you devise the correct strategy.

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#1 Become An Instagram Influencer

Influencers are the people who make money on Instagram by partnering with brands and creators to promote their products and content respectively.  The first step to becoming an influencer is to connect with audiences and gain their trust. For example, you could create niche related videos and videos demonstrating the product of the partner brand so that it reaches the right audience. This will help to make money and you gain commission from brands when someone purchases a product in your recommendation. Remember, you should choose the right niche while aiming to become an Instagram Influencer. Once you establish a strong presence with a solid and appropriate content strategy you will gain more followers and become a popular influencer.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to influencer marketing but not the same as influencers. This marketing is more close to brands because they are not just promoting products by advertising. They focus on boosting the sales potential of the brand and you can make money when you sell a product. This is one of the popular marketing strategies on Instagram and helps to connect brands with people. When you start affiliate marketing you will receive a URL,  where you can track how many people visited the page by clicking your link and purchasing. You can add the promo code given to you on your content to offer discounts for the customers who purchase products by watching your posts. 

#3 Sell Photos

You can use Instagram to sell your photos with high-quality, original, and eye-catching photos which attract audiences. Sell art illustration, painting, videos, selfies, and pictures you’ve captured using Instagram and make money. There are so many channels that buy photos and save them as stock images. If you have good photos which impress more people you could sell them through Instagram and earn money. Add the proper hashtags and captions to your posts to reach more people and sell your photos to the right people. Ask the viewers to direct messages to you to know the price list which also increases the interactions. 

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#4 Sell Your Instagram Account

There are more users who aim to get more followers on Instagram. You could sell your Instagram account to other users or agencies on Instagram. Before selling your account, grow your account and upload a post regarding the sale to announce people. If anyone is willing to buy your account, communicate with them through direct message and sell your account. Remember that once your account is sold it never comes back to you and if you have the confidence to gain the same level of engagement and followers you can sell your Instagram account and make money on Instagram. 

#5 Generate Traffic To Your Website

If you’re a business owner and have a separate website for your business Instagram is the best place to drive more traffic for your website. You could promote your business by creating videos and posting on Instagram. Create unique content to promote your business and increase your sales. Add your website URL in your post’s description and in bio to generate more traffic to your website. Providing some offers on your product is an effective way to drive traffic and increase your sales. You can earn more money by promoting your business through Instagram. 

#6 Create Short Videos

Use Instagram reels (short-video format) to promote your business. Most people love to watch short videos and you can earn money by creating videos. If you’re an influencer you could collaborate with brands and create reels videos to receive massive interactions. Instagram reels are the most engaging feature that allow you to create extraordinary content which could help you to gain reel likes for better brand reach and exposure. When your video receives more likes people will watch your video till the end hence increasing video completion rate. Focus on creating more reel videos to increase visibility and reach the right people on Instagram. While your video gets more engagement and traffic you will get more opportunities from the top brands for collaboration and you can earn money by collaborating with them. 

#7 Use Instagram Shop

If you’re owning a brand already you can use the Instagram shop feature to grow it on the platform. If your product is physical and you have to ship it manually the best way is to use Instagram and collaborate with influencers. While using Instagram shop features you could consider all types of nano, micro, and macro-influencers to collaborate and make more money. Upload posts related to your product and add links to your Instagram shop page in content to obtain more sales and traffic. Using this feature will help you to gain more followers and money. 

#8 Instagram Live

You can earn money on Instagram by starting a live stream. When you start a live session people will send you some live badges while they enjoy your live. The badges you earned can convert into money on Instagram. Use Instagram live insights to know how many badges you received on that particular live session. To earn more money you should inform about your next live by posting stories and feed posts. Collect all the live badges by answering the frequently asked questions or talking about an interesting topic related to your niche. 

#9 Become An Ambassador 

Try to become a brand ambassador to gain more money on Instagram. While you become an ambassador you will be more popular and receive more engagement on Instagram. Brands will invest more money in ambassadors to develop their business because people trust people who are popular on the platform. To become an ambassador you need good followers’ support and your Instagram posts must receive more engagement. If you have all these you could become an ambassador for a brand and make more money. 

Final Thoughts

Follow these ideas and utilize them correctly to be more visible on Instagram. Create valuable content and post on Instagram to get more engagement and traffic. Stop wasting any more time by simply scrolling Instagram by watching memes and start earning money using the platform.

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