How to Install Mud Flaps

Mudflaps are essential accessories to protect your car’s undercarriage from debris and the elements. Before you install mudflaps, you have to consider the type and design. You will also need to get the right tools.

If you have no idea how to install or remove mudflaps, stick around.

Choosing the appropriate type of mud flap.

Mudflaps come in different shapes and sizes, so it is not just about finding custom mud flaps for sale. You need to pick between different types of materials and designs. For instance, if you need mud flaps for a semi-truck, a heavy-duty rubber flap is one of your best options. Rubber mud flaps for trucks have advantages over metals or plastic.

Long-distance hauls and traveling through rough terrain means that your truck will be more exposed to debris, gravel, rocks, and mud. Metal flaps may bend when hit with a High-Velocity projectile. Unlike a metal flap, a rubber flap will not bend or break while stopping a projectile. It will absorb the energy, contort and return to its original shape.

Before you install your mudguard.

Before you install your mudguards, you need to prep the mounting area and ensure that your truck or car is in the right position. Depending on your car or truck, you may not have to remove the tires. You can turn the front wheel of your tires to give you more clearance. If you are skilled enough and need more space to work, you can go ahead to remove the tires.

Thoroughly clean your truck.

You need to thoroughly clean the mounting surface to get rid of mud or dirt that has accumulated on it-

Keep it on a level surface.

You need to have your truck on a level surface so you can install and align the flaps correctly. Not doing will affect the performance of the flaps.

Use protective equipment.

While working on your truck, you should ensure that you are well protected. We recommend you use protective eyewear, gloves, and closed-toe shoes.

Get all the tools you need.

The first thing you need to do is check your wheel well for pre-drilled holes. If they don’t have holes, you will need to drill them yourself. Get all necessary tools like your screwdriver/ drill, screws, etc.

How to install your mud flaps.

Once you have cleaned the wheel well, aligned your car, and gotten your tools ready, it is time to install your mud flaps. If your vehicle has pre-drilled holes, find the corresponding flap for the wheel and use screws to secure them.

Properly align and attach your universal mud flap to the wheel wells, and drill a hole through the mud flap. Secure it with a screw. Do the same for the other side of the mudguard. Once you have gotten the first one in, the rest should be just as easy. (If you are going to drill through the well, we recommend that you apply anti-rust treatment to the exposed metal.)

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