How to Get Weed at Discount Prices

If you are a regular cannabis user, then you’ve probably lost track of the number of trips you make to the dispensary in a month. You won’t really know how expensive these trips are until you carefully examine your finances. It may seem almost impossible to save money when looking to buy high-quality weed from your local dispensaries. Just like when you’re shopping for other things, you need to have a monthly budget that includes the part of your income you’re willing to spend on your regular weed trips. If you want to buy discount weed in Kitchener, there are a few tips and tricks you can apply to still get the best quality products.

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Buy your weed in bulk

If you smoke regularly, you probably go to your dispensary every couple of days and purchase a few grams or ounces. A couple of days later, you’re back at the dispensary doing the same thing. This can not only get tiring but also put a strain on your account. There are a few additional costs you may not consider when making these trips, like the money spent on transport or gas. A more cost-effective way to purchase weed is to buy in bulk. With these bulk transactions, you’ll be saving yourself from the stress of buying weed every day. Also, several dispensaries offer up to a 10% discount when you buy a product in large quantity; and if you’re a regular, your budtender is more likely to offer you a sweet deal.

Splitting up quantities

You most likely have a favorite strain you buy every time you go down to your local dispensary. It’s okay to have a fave strain, but you should consider going for other strains once in a while. There is a tendency to build up a tolerance to the effects of a strain if you consume it very often. Splitting up quantities helps you to both save money and discover the wonders of other strains, possibly find your dream strain. This splitting strategy means that instead of buying an ounce of the same strain, you could buy four different strains in four quarters of an ounce. This way, you have different options to choose from and will spend less, mainly because the cost of a quarter differs for different strains.

Try using coupons

The cannabis industry is pretty big on coupons; if you know where to look, you’ll definitely get the best deals and save a lot of money. Check your local dispensary’s website for coupons; you could also look for other dispensaries that offer better deals. Not all dispensaries accept coupons; if you find one that does, it’s a great way to buy high-quality weed at discount prices.

Look for Dispensaries that offer mix and match deals

Some dispensaries and online stores offer mix and match deals on their products. This is an easy way to choose several different strains and products while saving a lot of money. To get the best quality products at a discount, you can look for online order weed in Waterloo.

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