Highlighting the Common Window Shutter Terms and Terminologies

Selecting the window shutter is no longer a challenging task as there are window treatment experts available to assist you. However, it is very common to get perplexed with some with different terms and terminologies used in the custom indoor window shutters in Malibu.

  1. Composite– It is window shutter material made from a mix of compressed sawdust, synthetic material, and hardwood.
  2. Hollow Vinyl- A window shutter material featuring unfinished and capped edges. Plus, they have a plastic finish.
  3. Arch Top– A curved top of the shutter is known as the arch top.
  4. Casement– The window shutter featuring frame around the sash.
  5. Louver (slats) – Movable horizontal pieces of different materials, including wood, are known as louvers.
  6. Hinging hinge- A hinge that joints a shutter panel to the hanging strip or window jamb.
  7. Mouse hole– A small indentation on both rails where the tilt rod is installed or rested.
  8. Top & Bottom rails– A horizontal bar at the top and bottom of the shutter panel to provide stability, structure, and form.
  9. Mid rail- The piece of material that horizontally run between the top and bottom rails. It acts as a divider between the louver sections.
  10. Stiles– These are vertical sections of the solid wood attached to the frame. The louvers rotate between the shutter stiles. Each window panel features two stiles with movable louvers that are installed for indoor shutters and solid wood mounted in panels.
  11. Cafe-style shutters– These shutters unit covers the lower portion of your window.
  12. Single Tier– A shutter unit features one set of shutters from top to bottom. It may contain a divider rail.
  13. Double tier– A window shutter unit with one set of shutters on the top and one set of shutters on the bottom. Each set of shutters opens independently.
  14. Tilt Bar/Push Rod- These are vertical bars used to move the louvers up and down.
  15. Frame– Used for mounting the window shutter units allowing it open and close smoothly.
  16. Full-height– In a window treatment, the full height is referred to the shutters used to cover the entire window. This creates a clean and sleek look.
  17. The final thoughts
  18. When you work with a window treatment expert, they will directly educate you inside out of the shutter selection and installation process. Meanwhile, they will answer your each question regarding the window shutter.
  19. Hoping you have today enlightened yourself with a useful piece of information regarding the shutters. Similarly, there are dozens of terms of terminologies used for the custom-made window curtains in Pacific Palisades. Keep on reading our posts to discover more about different terms and terminologies used in the window treatments.

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