Furthering Your Nursing Career

Furthering Your Nursing Career: Achieving your full potential within the healthcare and nursing industry may not be as difficult as you think, especially if you are already an established nurse with experience. Bringing out the best in yourself and in your work can help you get into leadership. Furthering your nursing career and making a difference by being a leader could just be the change that you are looking for.

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Why You Should Further Your Career in Nursing?

You love dealing with patients and you love that no two days are ever the same (and neither are the patients). However, you do not love the lack of impact that you have. When you are not in a leadership position or a position of power within nursing, then what clout do you have? What impact can you truly make? You should further your nursing career if you want to be sure that you can realize your full potential. Furthering your carer will be beneficial to you, and to your future, but it will also be beneficial to those patients you are yet to come into contact with and assist.

Making a Switch or Change and Focusing on the Future

Within your nursing career, it is important that you focus on the future. Think about where you see yourself in the next few years and then start working towards this goal. You have to firmly focus on the future, if you want to make any real change. You may have been in a hands-on nursing career for a few years (or possibly even longer); however, now more than ever you have a desire (a kind of itch that you cannot scratch) and this is telling you that you must push for more. Making a switch or going for a change can feel like a daunting process, but it is something that you should embrace and not fear.

Going for Leadership

In your time as a nurse, you will have seen a lot of things. Your experience will be guiding you to what you need to change and improve. Your experience will directly impact the changes you can make. However, to bring these changes to fruition, you have to focus on going for leadership. Leaders are in positions to make a change. Going for leadership does not have to be daunting, and it can in fact be a rewarding process. To successfully go for the leadership role, you have to have a plan of action, and you have to ensure that you focus on growth and development.

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Focusing on Your Education

To be a great leader you must focus on your education. When you focus on your education, you can be certain that you will have the knowledge and awareness to succeed in leadership. For instance, by pursuing a DNP executive program you know that you are well placed to go into nursing leadership with ease and with confidence. When you focus on advancing your education you can be sure that nothing hinders you or stands in your way.

Improving Your Skill Set

Advanced education is necessary for strong leadership, but so too is a well-rounded skill set. Having a strong skill set that is full of both hard skills, and soft skills will be beneficial to your career – especially as you move towards leadership. When it comes to improving your skill set, you need to first establish where your weaknesses exist. Look at how you have handled situations at work previously and undertake a process of evaluation. What could you have done better, and what could you change moving forwards? For example, when you are looking at soft skills thin about what you are like with others? How do you interact with colleagues? Are you good at communication?

Setting SMART Goals

To further your nursing career, you have to set goals. When you set SMART goals you can be sure that you achieve what you set out to do. Setting goals will help you stay on track and remained focused. For example, you may set a timed goal that covers when you will focus on furthering your education. When you are writing and creating your goals, try and focus on just a few at a time. Make sure that these goals are achievable and attainable before moving on to new ones. Focusing on setting and achieving goals quill help you to reach your career goal or milestone.

Using Your Experience

Your experience as a hands-on nurse is going to be very beneficial for your career moving forwards. It is important that you draw on the positive and negative experiences where you can. You can learn so much from past experiences, and you must be sure that you incorporate this into your future journey. When you are looking at your experience, you need to focus on what you have learnt and what you have gained along the way. When you can do this, you can then be sure that you can directly apply past experiences within nursing to your future position.

What Does the Future Hold?

Taking your career planning and your professional future into your own hands is positive. Creating a career plan which you can follow, will give you guidance and direction. Establishing goals and setting realistic aims as part of your career plan will ensure that you can get to experience the growth, and career that you deserve (and that promotion that you have worked hard for). Planning out what direction you want your career to take will ensure that you calculate your moves carefully and that you utilize your strengths over your weakness at all times.

Continuous Growth and Development

Whichever route you decide to pursue when furthering your nursing career, it is worth remembering just how important continuous growth and development is. You have to be adaptable, and you have to be flexible to succeed and to realize your full potential. Focusing on continuous growth and development will ensure that you are a strong, valuable team player within the healthcare industry, no matter what role you find yourself in.

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