Frac Equipments: Goat Head and Other Related Component

Extracting oil and gas from rocky surfaces and sandy locations is not easy. It is frac equipment, which makes it a little easier to remove the oil and gas safely.

Hydraulic frac equipment is essential for extracting natural gas and petroleum from rocky surfaces. Advanced hydraulic fracturing technology has made it more accessible and easier to access natural gas.

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracturing,” is a small method of the broader process of unconventional oil and natural gas extraction. Hydraulic fracturing is a proven drilling technique used to extract oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, or water from deep underground.

What is Frac head or goat head?

Frac heads, also known as fracturing heads or goat heads, are commonly used in fracturing trees and stacks during the fracturing process. It is designed to ensure a systematic and safe fluid flow while pumping large volumes at extreme pressures upon completion of the flux.

Frac heads or goat heads reduce the risks usually associated with using inferior equipment. A goat head has a reversing directional flow, a mixing section, a wear-resistant surface, and a restricted outlet bore.

The goat head in frac equipment provides a bottom approach to the piping, reducing the overall height, and dynamically mixing the fluid in the goat head from the angled flow path. The goat’s head contains a hardened wear surface that includes the surface of certain zones to resist the erosion caused by backflow.

The cross-section of the restricted exit bore is smaller than the sum of the cross-sections of the inlet, which helps generate a faster-streamlined flow as the fluid exits the goat’s head. Goat heads with top, bottom, sides, front and back form a three-dimensional block.

The goat head in frac equipment has multiple entrances and at least one exit non-parallel to each other in the horizontal plane, which changes the fluid flow angle from the inlet to the outlet.

Here are a few components of frac equipment commonly used in oil and gas industries.

What is a frac valve?

A high-pressure frac valve is installed at the top of the well-head of a well where hydraulic fracturing is likely to occur. You can find different types of customized valves with the frac valve companies in Texas.

What is a frac pump?

Hydraulic fracturing pumps are rugged, high-pressure diesel-driven pumps mounted on trucks or trailers. Pumping equipment assists in hydraulic and acid fracturing and liquid carbon dioxide pumping. They work well in various environments, including deserts, the Arctic, and the tropics.

How does the frac tree work?

Frac trees are like Christmas trees specially designed for use in hydraulic fracturing. This oil exploration process uses high-pressure liquid solutions to crush rocks and release oil trapped in the rocks.

What is a frac stack?

Frac stacks usually consist of upper and lower main valves, flow cross, wing valves, goat heads, and swab valves. Frac stacks generally have larger bores and higher pressure ratings than production trees to accommodate the high flow rates and pressures required for hydraulic fracturing.

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