Fix Printer Error Code 491

In order to fix printer Troubleshooting Error Code 491, there are several steps you should follow. Google Play Error Code 491 is more common than you think and seemingly comes out of nowhere! Even though there are usually no specific reasons behind such errors, there could be a few compelling reasons, including data corruption via Google Play applications, issues with the Google account for signing in, and also settings that are incompatible with the Google Play application on the device.

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How to fix printer error code 491

In order to fix the printer error code 491, here are some of the key solutions you should keep in mind.

  • You can restart your Android device, such as your tablet or smartphone. If you restart your device after pressing the power button long enough, this error will not appear anymore.
  • You should also clear the caches and information on Google Play. Go to Settings, then Apps/Applications, followed by Google Play Service and Google Play Store. Afterwards, choose this option as well as Clear Data and Clear Cache. If you have the Google Service Framework installed, clear its data and cache.
  • You can also uninstall updates for your Google Play applications. You can uninstall updates by going to Settings-Apps-Google Play Store. The changes will not take effect until your device is restarted.
  • If your Google account is causing this issue, delete it. Remove this account from the device and restart it. Then, log into the same Google Play Store account again and you may be able to install and update games and applications. You can find the Remove Account option by choosing your Google Account through Settings-Accounts.
  • You may also try resetting your app based preferences. You can go to Settings-App/Applications. Thereafter, choose the three-dot symbol and select Reset App Preferences. Choose Reset Apps. This method will not clean out any of the information on your device so you need not worry.
  • In case you have setup the port/proxy for APN, deleting the same may help you combat the error code 491. You should go to Settings-Network Connection-More Networks-Mobile Networks and then click on the Access Point names. See if proxy/port has been set for these access points. In case they have, you can delete the APN.
  • You can also consider downloading APK via Settings-Security and toggle the Unknown Source button. This will help the device easily install applications which are usually downloaded outside of the Play Store. You can then simply download Google Play Store APK online and then get the app installed onto your device.
  • Factory resetting is also a viable option. This option will enable resetting of all settings and data present on your device and a backup has to be made prior to doing this reset. You can go to Settings-Backup & Reset and then choose the Factory Data Reset option.

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These are the steps to be followed if you are thinking about how to fix HP printer troubleshooting error code 491.

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