Five Things Every Parent Should Do to Keep Their Kids Safe Online

Being responsible parents, we do everything we can to keep our children/kids safe online, from asking them to wear a helmet when cycling to being careful with them while crossing the road. But the point is, what are you doing to protect your kids from bullies, predators, and harmful content online? If nothing, it is high time to consider about it.

Since children spend many hours online daily, we must be very careful about what they are browsing over the internet. Besides children’s internet protection services, you can do plenty of things to protect your kids online. Read on.

Openly talk with your kids about online safety

First thing first, as soon as your children start using the internet, discuss what they are watching, reading, or who they are communicating with. You must be aware of what they are accessing over the internet. Check their browsing history to figure out what they are accessing. This way, you can prevent them from accessing anything that is not good for them. Likewise, discuss what is appropriate to access and what is not for them. It is important to teach them about their online reputation and how they should behave and interact with people over the internet.

Know about your children’s friends online

Being parents, we all are aware of the fact that some people online are not who they are. They could be fake profiles. Ensure your children stay away from such people online. For this reason, you should check their social media circles and frequently monitor their posts. While doing all this, your children are likely to resist, but you have to deal with them with patience and make them understand what is right for them.

Ask your children to keep their location private

Many apps and devices have a feature that accesses your live location, leading someone directly to approach your children. Such features should be turned off for safety and privacy reasons. If anyone with the wrong intention manages to access your current location, they may harm your kid. Don’t let this happen to your children. That’s why you should teach them to keep their location private.

Monitor their screen time

Experts recommend children between 5 to 17 should not spend more than 2 hrs a day online, especially younger children. To bring this into the habit:

  1. Talk to your children and reach an agreement for a period of time.
  2. Give your children other options to keep themselves entertained.
  3. Take them to the nearest parks and spend enough time with them to resist the excessive use of the internet.

Consider Children’s Internet Protection services.

There are children’s internet protection services that offer safe doc for K-12 schools online used to protect children from misusing unnecessary features of offensive or harmful content. Such software allows you to block searching obscene docs, images, and videos from the website. Likewise, this software allows you to block time-wasting games from accessing and block offensive emojis to prevent student bullying.

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