Factors to consider when buying a smell roof box

As a cannabis enthusiast, you need a smell-proof box or container to keep your weed safe ad to prevent the odor from spreading. It ensures your cannabis stays intact and away from moisture, so it doesn’t lose its taste and scent. Smell proof weed packaging bags are useful for people who live with roommates, family, and pets. Buying the best smell proof box can seem like a tedious task, but knowing the factors to consider makes it easier to choose the best option. These factors include;

Smell-proof feature

Some containers may claim to be smell proof but don’t offer any smell proof properties. If the materials used in making the bag are not top-notch, it will do a terrible job of keeping the product’s scent inside the bag. Ensure you get a smell proof container that keeps the scent of your cannabis product intact.


Smell proof bags should be made from a durable material to resist any tear attempts. The material should be opaque, so children and strangers do not see into the bag. The material should be strong enough to block moisture, light, air, and bacteria that may compromise the quality of the cannabis. Lots of Mylar cannabis bags feature aluminum foil to prevent light from entering the bag because cannabis is sensitive to light.

Design and Size

Smell proof boxes come in different shapes or styles to match a wide variety of preferences. There are lighter compact bags suitable for a few days of travel, while the bigger bags or boxes for longer trips. Some of the best options also come with mesh pockets; they are useful for keeping things you may need in easy to reach areas.

In-built Locks

It is important to get an extra layer of protection; it will keep your stash safe from unwanted visitors. It also prevents people from breaking into your container. With a combination lock, you’ll be able to control the items that enter and leave the bag. High quality bags or containers come with pre-sewn locks or sell them separately.


The material used in making smell proof weed pa ckaging bags should be durable enough for long term use. Some jars are made with Myron glass which can block UV rays and protect cannabis instead of keeping it in a jar. Buying a subpar smell proof bag will be a waste of resources.

Airtight feature

Poorly made cannabis bags are not odor proof. If the bag you get is letting out odor, it isn’t airtight. Airtight bags ensure the cannabis stays fresh and potent. When cannabis is exposed to oxygen, heat, and light, the cannabinoids begin to break down.

The smell proof box you get should be opaque, child-proof, re-sealable, tamper proof and properly labeled. There are numerous options available on the market for purchase; their prices usually range from product to product. Use this guide to choose the best smell proof box for your weed stash, the bag you choose depends on your needs and requirements.

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