Everything You Should Know About Alaskan King Crab

Crab comes in a lot of varieties, but it’s the Alaskan king crab, that hits the spot. There is no denying that the Alaskan King Crab is the most sought-after seafood delicacy among seafood lovers, thanks to its colossal size, rich flavour, and sweet taste. Nothing can be more satisfying than having freshly baked crab legs stuffed with cheese. Not to mention, Alaskan King crab is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and several essential vitamins and minerals, making it perfect to be served for family dinners and backyard parties. 

To taste the natural goodness of the Alaskan crab legs, it’s important to buy fresh and organic Alaskan Crab legs. Do you love Alaskan king crabs but find it challenging to get fresh and organic Alaskan king crab legs in your local supermarket? No worries, there are several online stores that offer the freshest and tastiest Alaskan crab legs delivery in Ontario.

All About Alaskan King Crabs 

Alaskan King crabs belong to the family of crustaceans that are found in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia. They are known for their sweet flavour, firm texture succulent snow-white meat. Alaskan king crabs have hard-to-crack shells and extraordinarily long legs and come in a range of colours. Legs are the most prized feature of the Alaskan crab king because they are long, firm, and full of sweet, juicy white meat. Alaskan king crab meat is preferred by topmost chefs and lauded for its fluffy, fine texture and soothing, refreshing flavour. 

Once perceived as a luxury, the arrival of several online stores has made it possible to get fresh, sustainably sourced Alaskan king crab legs & other seafood species at affordable prices. Traditionally, people go to restaurants to enjoy Alaskan king crab, but you can also have them in the comfort of your home. There are several ways to cook Alaskan king crab: baking, grilling, steaming, and boiling. Many online stores offer Alaskan king crab legs & seafood, allowing you to cook Alaskan king crab the way you want. 

Things You Should Know About Alaskan King Crab

  • Buttery Flavour

Alaskan king crab meat usually has a delicately tender texture as compared to other crab species. They are known for their rich buttery flavour. However, to get the delicious meat, you will require the help of a craving tool to break the thick and hard shell.

  • Easy to Cook

Alaskan king crab that you purchase online is either pre-cooked or blast frozen to secure its natural taste and flavour. This means you have to simply heat them up. There are several ways to cook Alaskan king crab but steaming, grilling, or oven baking is the perfect way to cook Alaskan king crab.

  • Responsibly Harvested

Alaskan king crabs usually have a shorter harvesting period to ensure sustainability. That’s why they are a bit more expensive than snow crab. But fortunately, many online stores deliver Alaskan king crabs that are sustainably brought up, responsibly packaged, and delivered straight at affordable prices to your doorsteps.

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