Everything You Need to Know About Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is the way of applying a fine mist of a sunless tanning solution to your body. This solution contains active ingredients like DHA and erythrulose, which interact with the dead cells on the surface of your skin to darken its appearance.

DHA is the main ingredient in most sunless tanning solutions, and it’s what gives your skin that bronzed look. It works by interacting with the amino acids in your skin to create a browning reaction.

Erythrulose is another common ingredient found in sunless tanning solutions. It’s a sugar alcohol that creates a similar browning reaction as DHA. However, erythrulose takes longer to produce results than DHA.

Spray tanning is a popular method of achieving a bronzed look without having to expose yourself to UV rays. This page will give you everything you need about spray tanning, from how it works to tips for getting the perfect result.

How Does Spray Tanning Work?

Spray tanning works by applying a solution containing DHA and erythrulose to the surface of your skin. DHA is a colorless sugar which will interact with the dead cells on the surface of your skin to darken its appearance. Erythrulose is another colorless sugar that delays the development of DHA so that you can achieve an even tan. The active ingredients in the tan solution react with the amino acids in your skin to create a browning effect.

The darkness you achieve with spray tanning depends on the concentration of DHA in the solution and how long you leave it on your skin before showering it off. Most solutions have a concentration of 3-5% DHA, giving you a light bronzed look. For a darker tan, you can leave the solution on your skin for longer or choose a solution with a higher concentration of DHA.

An expert spray tan professional near me will recommend exfoliating your skin before getting a spray tan to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas for the solution. You should also avoid using any lotions or oils on your skin, as these can act as barriers and prevent the solution from evenly absorbing into your skin.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Spray Tan

Now that you know how spray tanning works let’s review some tips for getting the perfect result. First, ensure that you exfoliate your skin before your appointment. It will remove any dead skin cells that could cause your tan to develop unevenly. Second, don’t apply any lotions or oils to your skin beforehand, as this can also interfere with the results.

Third, wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment so that you don’t rub off any of the solutions before it has a chance to develop fully.

Next, be sure to follow the instructions of your spray tan technician carefully. They will know how long you need to leave the solution on your skin before showering it off.

Finally, after showering off the solution, apply a moisturizer to help extend the life of your tan. Moisturizing will also help to keep your skin from drying out and looking patchy.


Spray tanning is an easy and convenient way to get a bronzed look without exposing yourself to UV rays. With the proper preparation and aftercare, you can achieve a perfect spray tan that will last for days. Check your local tanning service for the best airbrush tanning prices.

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