Everything You Need to Know About Alaskan King Crabs

Alaskan king crab is one of the best things to try if you are new to the seafood world. These cold-water giants are highly sought in the culinary world due to their deliciously sweet and rich taste. And what makes eating crab even more exciting is all the health benefits this seafood can offer.

Thanks to the technological advances, getting fresh Alaskan king crab legs & seafood is not the trickiest job anymore. Many online seafood stores deliver the freshest Alaskan king crabs to your doorstep at a reasonable price.

If you’re a seafood lover and considering trying these cold-water giants for the very first time, either steamed, boiled, or broiled, here’s everything you need to know.

All About Alaskan King Crabs

Alaskan king crabs are crustaceans known for their colossal sizes, mouthwateringly delicious taste, and tasteful flavors. There are several different ways to cook them: steaming, baking, boiling, and grilling.

Their body consists of shoulders, merus, legs, claws, joints, tips, spines, and a carapace. Many seafood lovers consider merus as the most prized section of the king crab, known for its sweet flavor, tender texture, and pure, snowy-white meat.

People trying them for the first time may find eating them intimidating. To eat them like an expert, use your non-dominant hand to hold a crab leg and use a cracking tool with your dominant hand. Now use a long-stemmed fork to extract meat from the crab leg’s shell.

Interesting Things You Should Know About Alaskan King Crabs

Texture and Flavor

Alaskan king crabs are low in fat and known for their delicate and softer appearance, reminiscent of lobster meat. Alaskan king crab also tends to have a slight “sweet” taste due to the presence of amino acids.

Extraordinary Size

Alaskan king crabs are the largest species of crab found in the northernmost waters of the Pacific Ocean. King crabs average 6 to 10 pounds, but some can weigh more than 20 pounds with legs that can grow up to 5-6 feet. Due to large pieces of meat, legs are the most demanding part of Alaskan crab.

Nutritious Value

Not only does Alaskan king crab meat taste better, but it is also jam-packed with several essential nutrients and proteins. They are rich in high-quality protein your body needs to build and repair muscle. The higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids in them helps reduce inflammation and strengthen heart health.

The sweet flesh of king crab legs is both low in fats and calories, which help maintain good physical health. Thankfully, finding the freshest crab legs and meat is easy. You can buy live, fresh, or blast frozen Alaskan crab leg via fast online delivery across southern Ontario.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing crabs from online seafood stores means that the freshest and most nutritious Alaskan king crab will be delivered to your doorstep. Purchasing from online stores gives peace of mind your crab is sustainably caught and directly from the fish boat, making it a worthy addition to your food menu.

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