Do’s and Don’ts of FedEx Shipping Service  

When it comes to sending a package, it is pretty easy to manage within the country. But, sending a parcel to someone outside the country is an entirely different story that comes with challenges. 

Well, one way to do effortless packing and shipping is through privately owned shipping services like FedEx shipping center in Little Elm, Texas. These services ensure an easy and hassle-free process to send or receive packages both internationally and domestically. 

However, when packing and shipping your items, certain goods are allowed to send, while others are prohibited by air. So, to avoid making mistakes, there are some do’s and don’ts of using FedEx shipping services. 

Look at the list mentioned below of all the items that are allowed and prohibited with  FedEx shipping. 

  • Items You Can Ship: 

When it comes to shipping products via the FedEx service in Little Elm, Texas, here’s all you are allowed to send. 

  • A computer (Desktop) and laptop 
  • Documents   
  • Auto parts
  • Medical devices
  • Fragile & delicate items
  • Video consoles & games
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Office equipment & supplies
  • Artwork
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Household goods
  • Samples
  • Gifts
  • Graduation presents
  • Birthday items
  • Items You Cannot Ship 

On the other hand, there are certain items that cannot be stored, shipped, received, imported, and exported due to regulations, threats, safety, or other reasons. 

Thus, when using the FedEx shipping center in The Colony, Texas, transactions involving certain items are strictly prohibited, regardless of origin or destination. Take a look at the following restricted items. 

  • All commodities which are valued over US$20,000 without approval 
  • One-of-a-kind and irreplaceable articles, such as artwork and valuable items, at over US$500,000 each.
  • Flammable items with a flash point of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or less 
  • Features of Using FedEx Shipping Services 

If you are wondering about sending a parcel overseas with FedEx, here are some excellent reasons to get you going.  

  • FedEx services prioritize overnight 
  • FedEx service Express Saver  
  • FedEx standard overnight delivery 
  • FedEx 2 Day 
  • FedEx Ground 
  • FedEx Ground-Home delivery services 
  • FedEx prioritizes international as well as domestic delivery 
  • FedEx Priority Puerto Rico 
  • FedEx Economy Puerto Rico 
  • FedEx Priority Canada 
  • FedEx Ground Canada 

The FedEx shipping center in The Colony, Texas, has been consistently ranked among the world’s most admired and trusted service providers. It aims to remain focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards, and the needs of its customers and communities.

A Bonus Tip: When it comes to getting your shipment in the fastest, easiest, and most reliable manner possible, there’s just no other way than FedEx. It provides the most cutting-edge online shipping tools to meet all your shipping needs at the click. 

The best part is that you can be anywhere, anytime, to track the status of your shipment, and all you need is the tracking number. 


Now you can resolve your shipping concerns with FedEx, a multi-carrier shipping specialist, for convenient, reliable, and safe services. Moreover, in exceptional situations, if your item is lost or damaged, you get compensation comparable to the original value of the good.

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