Comprehensive Integrated Commercial Platform: SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is the ultimate way to convey the optimum Commercial Enterprise Experience.

To establish its hold on the worldwide commercial center, businesses and organizations had surpassed all the limits of adaptability to the online and other commercial technologies. This shift of interest resulted in several firms desiring flexible, expandable e-commerce solutions that promise to deliver enhanced client experience across various pouch punctures. 

For these businesses, SAP Commerce Cloud is the perfect solution that serves all these demands and more. Previously named SAP Hybris Commerce, this SAP solution is fit for any Commercial or E-commerce organization that wants to broaden its prospects and make its name in its respective industry.

Here in this article, we will discuss the basics of SAP Commerce Cloud. We will also go over how its features can enhance business operations and more.

SAP Commerce Cloud

This Cloud-based system combines various essential points into a single-unified comprehensive business portfolio, which integrates both the analog and virtual operations of the client. 

SAP Commerce Cloud is currently among the five core elements of the SAP C/4 HANA business and customer experience service package. The SAP Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Data, and Service Cloud solutions comprise the complete C/4 HANA CRM ecosystem.

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After SAP made the significant decision of transferring most of its solutions and services from the On-premises platform to the Cloud, SAP Hybris Commerce got rebranded and named SAP Commerce cloud. SAP Commerce Cloud operates on Microsoft’s Cloud platform, Azure Hyperscale using a fully accessible Kubernetes technology.

SAP Commerce Cloud: Key Features

  • Omni-channel Storefront: Provides a comprehensive representation of all active or inactive operational devices connected to the service server- Desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. It gives you the privilege to assess the clients’ materials or final deliverable items from anywhere at any time.

Nowadays, establishing an easily accessible and user and company-friendly online website or channel is essential. Consumers prefer to connect with a brand online or physically in real life before making a purchase.

  • Customization: Businesses may increase the overall purchase quantity, adjust item or service pricing, and increase the profitability of the transactions. It does so by customizing products and services based on the customer’s behavior and spending record.

 SAP Commerce Cloud delivers consumer segmentation and marketing suggestions based on customer characteristics and preferences

  • Sales & Order Management: Order processing gets difficult for the firms due to intricacies, collected data analysis and segmentation, and costly administration of worldwide marketing channels. All go-by strategies can get supported via a single SAP Commerce Cloud platform. It simplifies the overall Sales and order management procedure. 

Most SAP implementing companies recommend businesses establish a platform that provides a single view of inventories, shipment, and refunds to streamline order handling and processing.

Companies can flexibly monitor clutter-free inventory levels with SAP Commerce Cloud.

  • Real-time Customer Support:  SAP Cloud Commerce Aided Operation method allows Companies to gain direct support from their company website in live time. When customers stay on your website or require assistance in a retail establishment, the Aided Assistance feature links customer care quickly to enable these businesses to complete their transactions or respond to queries. The customer support professionals have a comprehensive picture of the client’s profile, buying record, interests, etc.
  • Accelerators: The Commerce Platform provides accelerators to align the companies to the market’s and industry’s particular standards and specifications. It includes inter-industry strategic accelerators, Chinese-specific accelerators, Multiple Telecommunication and multimedia accelerators, professional financial products, transportation, and community engagement accelerators.

The latest version of SAP Commerce Cloud offers several other innovative features crucial to building an efficient and effective business. Such features include Web Tier Management, Safety and Security Management, Conventional Operating Tooling, etc.

SAP Commerce Cloud Integrations

It is wise to integrate all commercial service platforms with several other products within a business ecosystem. It ensures businesses and organizations guarantee the best possible consumer service. 

The preconfigured SAP Commerce Cloud connectors might be complicated and time-intensive. But they can assist in simplifying the procedure and unlocking its optimum efficiency. Integration Tool of SAP Cloud interface facilitates integration via publicly accessible APIs and existing industrial norms and protocols for data transfer management.

The SAP Commerce Model provides default integrations with the solutions provided by third-party suppliers, including SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, the SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud portfolios. It also offers an extensive list of pre-built integrations for a variety of other solutions.

To build a streamlined data source, SAP Cloud Platform connects master data with enterprise applications. These integrations provide businesses to gain complete control over the SAP Cloud platform. Companies can thereby avoid the complexity of segregated data. Moreover, the system administrators may control the simple user layout to handle data with visibility.

How do businesses benefit from SAP Commerce Cloud?

  • Fast integration via immediate accessibility to developmental, staging, and manufacturing settings
  • Numerous self-service capabilities allow businesses to manage the functioning of the cloud solution platform.
  • Get accessibility to current editions and upgrades, code inspections, and quality gates with cloud-native features.
  • Companies may increase their presence on the market and manage data via marketplaces, research, digital and advertising platforms.
  • Businesses can easily manage their traffic spikes through the SCC platform. To best describe, we could say that it expands with the company.
  • The Extension Factory feature enables micro service expansion and system integrations without impacting the primary operations.
  • Users automatically receive complete weekly backups of the database and entire system backups every hour.

The SAP Commerce Cloud is a multichannel commercial, highly scalable, adaptable, and high-efficiency platform. It is supplied via a SaaS model. 

You may use SAP’s common cloud architecture to leverage the performance and effectiveness of the cloud. Businesses end up with minimum IT costs. They do not need to service or maintain the servers. They also enjoy the privileges of the world-class data protection and security provided by SAP. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

If you still haven’t implemented this excellently efficient commercial Cloud Solution, you are the one at loss. 

And if you are worried about the complication of the process then you can take assistance from SAP Implementation Companies. They can contribute to streamlining the delivery of final yards and improving business functions. They often provide businesses with a team of experts to help you install SAP Commerce Cloud and become set out on the path to becoming a truly international digital enterprise.

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