Breakaway Lanyards: When Should You Use One and How to Choose

When thinking of a lanyard, most people think of a rope that wraps around the neck to hold an event pass or badge. Although this is one of the most common uses for lanyards today, they are not a new invention at all. The history of the lanyard dates back to the 1500s, when French soldiers and pirates used it as a means of keeping weapons flying at close range. 

The starting point of the lanyard was used by French soldiers and pirates to make sure no weapons were lost when riding or fighting. In fact, the word lanyard actually comes from the French word “laniere”, which means belt or thong. 

Although we are used to seeing some beautiful lanyards today, the first lanyard was just a simple belt made from rope or rope in the boat and attached to a gun, sword, or whistle. Even during WWII, soldiers can even be seen wearing lanyards to attach their pistols to their uniforms. 

Lanyards have come a long way since and today, they come in all customizable options such as lanyard safety breakaway clips, for example. So, let’s learn about lanyards in general, breakaway lanyards, and how they can help you. 

Today’s Lanyards 

Although lanyards still have very practical functions today, they have also become more decorative. They are both handicrafts and safety equipment in the business world, which is why they are very popular. 

For example, lanyard weaving became a popular craft for children in France and the United States in the 1950s. Lanyard weaving taught children how to make complex knots, such as box knots, Chinese knots, triangles and ties, and develop manual dexterity. 

In the corporate and event world, lanyards are used as a way to display IDs or access credentials. They make it easy to maintain the security of company activities and facilities, because a visible pass allows others to see who is who, what organization they belong to and what access rights they have. 

The lanyard also has another very important function: portraying the brand of the company. The company can easily use it as an important element for promotion and marketing by personalizing it. As items that can be used for multiple functions, from ID cards to keys, they are undoubtedly one of the most useful promotional items. 

When is a Lanyard Dangerous? 

When you think of situations where lanyards can become dangerous, it is obvious that they will be dangerous for those working around heavy machinery and large equipment. Anything that gets caught in it in your production line or factory can cause injury or harm to your employees. 

For those who work with children and care for them, the inherent risks may not be so obvious. The lanyard is easy to hang around the child’s neck and cause injury. Young children who must wear a student ID on a lanyard are easy to catch when running, playing on the playground, or other areas. 

Using a lanyard can be dangerous in other situations, such as hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric wards, etc. and prisons. Any work environment where employees are threatened or others are threatened should reconsider the use of traditional lanyards. In this case, the rope around the neck can become a life-threatening object in the hands of the wrong person. 

Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyard is a kind of lanyard, once it is pulled or pressure applied, it will snap or break immediately. It is a preventive measure to avoid suffocation or strangulation, which sometimes can cause serious damage to those wearing it. 

How to Choose the Best

Now you may want to know how to choose between these two types of lanyard, i.e., standard and breakaway, and if you need other features. When choosing a lanyard, the main reason you want to use a breakaway lanyard is for safety reasons. 

In the case of machines used in many industries, if you have to bend over to check or use it, the lanyard can easily hang and get stuck in the moving parts. If your company has such equipment, breakaway lanyards can greatly improve the safety of employees in the event of an accident. This built-in security feature is also very useful and easy to use in other industries like schools, hospitals or prisons. 

Alternatively, if your industry is a relatively quiet industry with no moving machinery or interaction with the outside world, you may not need these safety features. The standard lanyard is more suitable for use in quiet industries, such as offices, telecommunication centers, etc.

Thus, you see that lanyard safety breakaway clips that are attached to a breakaway lanyard making it possible to snap provide great value to the users in terms of safety. If you are looking for custom breakaway lanyards, you can always turn to us for the best quality and deigns. 

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