Best things to do in Todos Santos Beach that you can’t miss

Wanderlust; a strong desire for or impulse to travel and explore the world. Going on beach vacations relaxes the mind. The fresh air gives the chills removing the negativity. It provides ample fresh air to breathe in. The elevated levels of oxygen allow us to enter a deep level of relaxation, which is why you always sleep better after a day in the sand. 

Todos Santos is a small town with a population of just 6485. You will get to see big lush palm trees and a colourful town all around, private luxury villas, beach vacation homes. It is a downtown area with a laid back vibe. You will get to witness people camping and surfing at the pacific ocean side. There is alot to shop amidst the radiant streets. 

There are various activities to do in here;

  • surfing – The best surfing around Todos Santos is at Playa Los Cerritos and Playa San Pedrito. You can rent surfboards and swimsuits from hawkers along the beach. 
  • Hiking – it is done on the top of puntas lobos. This is the spot where all the local fishermen launch their panga boats, so the corner of the beach can smell pretty strongly of fish. At the very edge of Punta Lobos is a hill you can climb up for an amazing view. 
  • Pool with ocean views at Hotel San Cristobal – it’s fun to spend some time lounging by their pool or grabbing some brunch at the hotel  
  • Walk the downtown streets of Todos Santos to see its colonial architecture- Most of Todos Santos’ downtown and cobblestone streets were built in the 1800s. While the insides may have been remodelled, the colourful colonial facades are still intact.
  • Shop for local treasures- Todos Santos has your typical tourist shops with brightly colored tchotchkes and ornaments, but there’s a few shops with beautiful, high quality goods.
  • Enjoy a paleta or ice cream cone- A paleta is a Mexican ice pop, and there are a few paleterias and heladerias in town, so you can pick up a treat while you’re wandering the streets. These are the best paleterias and heladerias in Todos Santos
  • Release baby sea turtles-  The beaches around Todos Santos are nesting grounds for three different species of sea turtles: Olive Ridleys, Leatherbacks, and Blacks.  
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