6 Best career guidance advice for school-goers

Stepping into the boundary of high school is the beginning scratch for the graph of a student’s life. You should not forget that a school is a place where a child starts learning several life lessons and comes to know about career opportunities in the future. 

Without acquiring appropriate knowledge, a student can’t find a good career opportunity in the future. 

We must have written a common essay during our school days, i.e. ‘goal of life’. In that essay, we need to mention what we want to become in our life when we grow adults. Perhaps you have written doctor, some have written teacher, and some may have written dancer. 

Whatever you have written, one should not forget that he needs to keep his life goal steady and focus upon that one point. Studying in good schools and college has become expensive nowadays. For this reason, parents have to borrow money in private student loans from UK lenders to take care of their kids’ studies. 

However, proper guidance and advice are important to keep school-goers on track so that they don’t become unfocused at any point in time.

The necessity of career advice for school-goers 

After completing mid-level school, when a child first steps into high school premises, it is like a new world to him. He hardly makes out what is wrong and what is right. 

Therefore, strict guidance is necessary so that a student never lose focus and use those years of high school attentively. 

Guidance resists from being notorious – 

It has been in the observation that many students lose their own identity and start practising notorious habits to portray their cool selves. However, this brings a huge possibility of getting distracted from study and can even ruin a student’s future.

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For this reason, a high school goer should be under surveillance and proper guidance. 

Technology can become a foe – 

Although your teenage child may ask for a mobile phone or other technological smart gadgets, try to avoid them. It has been noticed that technology sometimes plays the role of foe instead of a friend. However, it is not at all the complete fault of technology but the user. 

Without knowing the proper usage of technology and its limitations, if a student tries to explore its adverse aspects, it may bring huge loss. Therefore, even if you hand on smart gadgets to your kids, make sure they are under your guidance and know how to use them so that technology does not start behaving like a foe. 

6 Best career guidance advice for school-goers 

Spend time in research – 

Well, technology can become a great friend when it comes to the matter of research. Nowadays, eBooks are replacing physical books. Increasing demand for eBooks denotes the availability of valuable materials on the internet. 

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Therefore, every school goers should spend spare time in research after coming back from school. It will fill him up with knowledge, and by acquiring knowledge, a student can easily enhance his performance in school. 

Take part in exhibitions – 

Your school may have organised an exhibition once a year. Isn’t it beautiful? Actually, taking part in an exhibition broadens the mind of a student. Whether your school is organising an exhibition for once, you can also participate in various exhibitions of different schools. 

Many schools organise inter-school exhibitions where any student can take part. Enrol your name and represent your knowledge towards the mob. Besides, by just being a visitor, you can also get the flare of wisdom. 

Take part in different activities – 

Nowadays, schools are organising various activities like social service, helping the poor, collecting funds for pandemics etc. When a student takes part in all these activities, he will start thinking differently as before this perhaps he had never got the scope to help poor people.  

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Therefore, by taking part in these special events, a student becomes responsible, increasing day by day. 

A responsible student can change the world, and even he possesses the ability to secure a good future. 

Spend time with extracurricular activity – 

Extracurricular activity is something that increases knowledge and makes a student more active. Parents can engage their children in swimming, painting, learning piano, dancing and many others. 

Besides, if they become successful in learning extracurricular activities, it can help them flourish in the future by continuing these art forms. 

Enhance the skills and acquire knowledge – 

Extracurricular activities help to represent a set of skills that could add additional weightage to your profile when applying for a job. While learning these activities, a student learns how to cope with the team and help each other. Now, it denotes team working ability, which is mostly required for working in the corporate sector. 

Besides, it serves as additional knowledge, which may keep you a step ahead of others. 

Stay updated with current affairs – 

Current affairs are such an important part of knowledge that is required to compete while securing a good future. Wherever you go for a job or whatever you want to become, you will be considered a backwards person if you lack knowledge of what is going on presently in your state.

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For this reason, in your spare time, utilise time by searching latest news and trends in your country. 


School-goers require proper guidance. Unless they will become unable to secure a good future, here is some career guidance for high school goers.

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