Backup Power Options For Your Home

Power outages can happen any time of the year, and most homeowners want the assurance and peace backup power options provide. With any of the options mentioned below, your electrical systems will be able to work through severe weather conditions, blackouts, and grid failure. Here are the top power backup solutions for homes in Idaho and everywhere else.

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Portable Generator

For most suburban homes, this is the most common option; it can be stored and used in different locations. The portable generator can be taken on camping trips for power usage. However, the portability leaves your backup power system vulnerable to theft.

When not in use, keep your portable generator locked up and consider using security measures. Portable generators need a constant source of fuel which is usually gasoline or diesel. The fuel has to be stored properly. Portable generators are loud and release emissions, so they need to be set up outside the house while in use. This type of portable power supply has to be wired into an auxiliary breaker panel. You can buy this type of generator from most hardware stores and rental centers; they range in price between $600 – $3000 depending on the size and capacity.

Fixed or Permanent Generator

A fixed generator will be a great option if you have enough space and an appropriate budget. The system is similar to that of a portable generator, it runs on gasoline and diesel, but it carries larger loads and can’t be moved. Some homeowners choose to add a battery bank to ensure reliability during long-term blackouts.

Fixed generators are commonly used in commercial establishments; a professional electrician must install them. The system can be bought from an electrical supply retailer; it costs between $3,500-$5,000 depending on installation cost and size. A fixed generator can handle more load than a portable generator; it requires an inverter and transfer switch. Generators with a battery bank require a charger.

Solar Generator

the newest form of energy is renewable energy it has become popular worldwide, and now small residential systems are available for sale. The panels for the solar generator can be mounted on your roof to generate power.

Solar panels produce DC energy and can be used to power DC appliances and lighting. Some people add an AC inverter to increase the function of the backup power system. A twin-panel or multiple panel system is needed to power appliances such as microwaves.

The system comes with battery banks, making them more practical, but they have to be properly maintained and replaced every 8-10 years.

Battery Backup System

Battery systems are a traditional form of power supply. They can handle AC and DC depending on the design. Single battery systems work well for only a few hours, but options with a larger battery bank system can provide power for one or two days.

To get the best out of your home generator system, make sure you hire a professional for your home backup generator installation in Middletown.

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