An Introduction to 3D Scanning and VFX

3D Scanning and VFX – Developed in the year 1960s, 3D scanning is a process of analyzing and recreating high-precision 3D models of real-world objects. With the advancement of technology, 3D scanning has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It also aids in creating great VFX and sets for the movies. It saves time and results in higher quality products at a lower price.

In the modern-day age, film industries have been using professional 3D scanning to create props, miniature sets, 3D models, virtual world characters, and much more. Professional 3D scanning for VFX is a common practice nowadays. It has significantly improved the quality of the special effects that we see now in movies, TV shows, and modern games—for example, the 3D character of Keanu Reeves in cyberpunk 2077. Whether it is adding a replica of a building or a special character, all these things can be achieved much more quickly by implementing 3D scanning to the VFX.

The benefits of 3D scanning to VFX and post-production

3D scanning has been a great addition to VFX industries, and it comes with its fair share of benefits. It has significantly improved the quality of visual effects and has made it much easier for the post-production team to generate breathtaking images. A Professional 3D scanning for VFX is done by doing a full-body scan of characters, actors, vehicles, props, buildings, etc. Once the scanning is done, these virtual 3D models are then used by the VFX team as per the requirements. There are several benefits of implementing 3D scanning in VFX.

1- Saves time

3D scanning is a much faster process and saves a lot of time. It allows the post-production team to use and re-use the models as many times as they need. They can also alter their shape and size as per their requirement. It significantly fastens up the post-production process of games, movies, or Television series.

2- Improved quality

Virtual 3D modeling has significantly improved the quality of the VFX that we see nowadays. The advancement in technology has significantly improved the quality of the video generated nowadays. In earlier days, handmade miniature props and sets were used and it significantly affected the quality of the final product. One can easily analyze the difference between the earlier Sci-Fi movies and the modern action sci-fi movies.

3- Cost-effective

3D scanning saves a lot of money when it comes to the production of visually appealing movies. An object or a prop that is scanned once can be used again and again throughout the movie or series, cutting off the extra cost. At the same time, 3D scanning is also used to create a virtual 3D model of famous buildings cutting off the cost of constructing a replica of those structures as well. Furthermore, it results in a much more realistic visual experience than the replica one.

The introduction of 3D scanning is a boon for visual effects. It has tremendously boosted the quality of the movies, and television shows that we see nowadays. With decades of advancement in technology, the quality of 3D rendering has constantly been improving, providing a realistic experience and enhancing VFX capabilities.

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