All About Graduation Honor Cords And How To Get Them

Do you see different cords during graduation ceremonies and do not know what they mean? Or are you anticipating your graduation and want to know which honor cords you will be getting? Whatever your question is, this is where you will get all the answers. Here, we will highlight all the different honor cords’ colors and their meaning. Also, a bonus point of where to get them is included for those that have never gone through the system before. Continue reading to find out all the honor cords listed.


One of the most common colors during graduation is the gold honor cords. It is usually worn by students graduating with a high GPA. Also, if the student is a member of any national honor society, they are permitted to wear this color of honor cords. So, when you see a student in a shiny graduation cap and gownwith a gold honor cord, you shouldn’t wonder why the student is wearing it.


If you see a student wearing silver academic honor cords online or in a live event, they are either in the medical field or the sciences. Some business management and agricultural student also wear it, but it is more popular among medical students.


When a student wears black honor cords, the interpretation is that such student has gained an excellent grade in either economics, business, or other management fields. The color also denotes strength and power.


The red academic honor cords online are worn by students in different societies. It is also worn by students graduating from journalism, public health, music, and other similar disciplines. This color sometimes is worn with gold honor colors depending on the society committed to or the specific color assigned.


The one time you will see colors like purple associated with law students is with honor cords. The purple honor cords are for law, urban planning, and dental students. The royal purple is for law and dental students, while the other shades of purple are for urban planning.


Theology and forestry students are the primary recipients of the maroon honor cords. They wear it with pride to show they are confident, passionate, and powerful. Other people in specific societies also include this honor cord as proof of their graduating membership.


The orange honor cords usually look great with a shiny graduation cap and gown, and engineering students wear them. If you are an engineering student, this is the color of honor cord you need to wear to be considered a graduate of that field.

How do you get these honor cords?

Many students do not want to wear one honor cord when graduating, which is not wrong. But how to go about it is the question many people are asking. The one honor cord you will get is to go through your degree with a dedication to come out with a good grade. Other ways to get it is either through

  • Extracurricular activities

Some students will be seen wearing different honor cords on graduation day, while some will have one. The difference is that some students participated in clubs, society, and other fun activities beyond their studies. With such activities, other honor cords outside your degree will be adorned on your graduation gown.

  • Service

If you want to volunteer in an organization, you can get the honor cords deserving of your service. There might be a specific hour to be inputted for the cords to be awarded, but it is very achievable.


Hopefully, by now, you have already gotten the idea of what all these cords mean and how to earn them. Whether you are just entering school or almost in your final year, you can utilize the strategy of earning the honor cords before you graduate. When you earn it and want to purchase the color you will be wearing, you can get the academic honor cords online. There are several stores online to buy from that have different colors. Looking your best with the adornment of these honor cords, start from what you do today. Stay using these tips already.

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