What is the Add Close Friend Feature on Instagram?

The Instagram application includes a new feature every day. These features are routed to user devices via app updates. The Instagram close friend addition feature is a very popular update recently.

The story sharing feature in the Instagram application is a feature that allows you to share a snapshot or a photo in your gallery for 24 hours with the people in your follower list. However, Instagram has added an update to this feature that allows only close friends to share stories. In this way, you can share the images that you want only your close friends group to see, through the story.

How to Create a Close Friends List on Instagram

In order to interact with your close friends through the Instagram application, after logging into your profile, you must enter the “Settings” section indicated in three lines and click “Close the users you interact with the most on Instagram will be recommended.

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Thanks to the feature of adding close friends on Instagram, you can share only the users in the list you specify, without having to deal with hiding the story one by one for the people you do not want to see your story.

When you add a user to the close friend list on Instagram, will the notification go away?

The Instagram close friend adds feature does not send any notification to the other party when you add any user to your list. Likewise, when a user adds you to your close friends list, Instagram does not send notifications for this situation.

If you remove a friend that you have added to your close friends list from the list later, the other party will not be notified in any way. Thus, the deterioration of bilateral relations is prevented.

How to Add Close Friends and Share Story on Instagram?

If you click on the “Your Story” option on the Instagram main page or swipe the screen to the left, you can access the camera section that will allow you to share stories. You can take instant photos or select an existing image in your gallery by swiping up on the screen.

After selecting the image you want to share, if you press the green button with the star icon at the bottom of the screen, only the users in the list you selected will be able to access your story.

Can Open Profiles Use Close Friend Feature?

There are two types of profiles on Instagram. These profiles is the secret profile, which allows the stories and posts to be seen only by the followers. In the other profile type, the posts can be viewed by anyone. Such accounts are called open profiles. Individuals using open profiles are wondering whether they can use the feature of adding close friends on Instagram.

The feature of adding close friends on Instagram can also be used by open accounts. You can share stories by including the users you choose from the people in your follower list to your close friends list.

Problem Adding Close Friend on Instagram

The Instagram application may cause problems with the ability to add close friends on some devices. This is mostly because the cache is too full. After logging into the settings section on your phone, it is possible to solve this problem by clicking on applications and notifications

  • Instagram
  • storage and cache
  • clear cache.

If this problem is not fixed, you can try again by updating the application. Restarting the phone by logging out of the Instagram application is also among the solutions to this problem.

Those who encounter the problem of adding close friends to Instagram can remove the problem with the information given above. Adding close friends to Instagram will not go to the other side with the notification. Perform the process of adding close friends to Instagram with followavm.

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