5 Tips You Should Know While Hunting in Flooded Timber

For all the waterfowl hunters out there, hunting in flooded timber is one of the most relaxing yet adventurous experiences you can ever have. Every waterfowl hunter should have this experience even once in their lifetime. 

The rush you get while hunting in flooded timber is unexplainable, and one can only witness this experience by going on their own. While it seems complicated to go on guided waterfowl hunting in Arkansas, it can get a little easier for you just by considering the tips given in this blog. 

  1. Spot

While going for a hunt, one significant factor determining whether you will have a successful hunt is the spot from where you are shooting! And hunting in flooded timber is a whole new different story. Hunters must go scouting before the hunt to choose a spot that offers a good amount of prey for the hunt. You can go on public lands for hunting and ask the other hunters about the good spots. 

  1. Camouflage 

Another helpful tip you can utilize while going on a hunt in the Waterfowl Season of Arkansas is getting yourself well covered so you can camouflage with your surroundings. You can get closer to your prey without getting spotted by concealing yourself. 

  1. Calling 

One of the ways to attract your prey is by calling out and getting their attention, so you can easily have a shot while targeting them. It is one of the tips that will go a long way while hunting in flooded timber. 

  1. Decoys 

When it comes to hunting, decoys play a crucial role in a successful hunting trip. You can attract the green heads by placing a magnum decoy carefully in a position where they can land, and you can get successful prey. 

  1. Patience 

One of the things that you should keep in mind when going on the hunt is being patient even when you don’t get a stroke of luck out there on your hunting trip. You can be patient and stay still as you never know when you get an excellent chance to make your move. 


Hunting for waterfowl in flooded timber is more fun in many ways than you can imagine, make sure you get the most out of your trip by keeping these things in mind. You will not have fun, but you will also have a delicious dinner at your table that you have caught on your own!

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